New, Smarter Monstrosities Stalk Players of ‘The Coma two: Vicious Sisters’


The Coma two: Vicious Sisters will take players on an even extra bone-chilling ride by means of a risky college and the Sehwa district that surrounds it.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, and with an all new enemy AI to make your escapes narrower and narrower, you will will need to crack out your ideal stealth capabilities to hold oneself alive in this hellscape.

Following the accomplishment of terrifying side-scroller, The Coma, a new iteration has arrived. Controlling Mina Park, you will have to firstly navigate a college that appears possessed with some thing nightmarish. If the atmosphere is not sufficient to get your blood crawling, possibly a sinister teacher stalking you will.

The terror does not just reside inside the college, either. When you have identified a way out, you will locate the entire district filled with danger. If you are a specifically stealth-savvy adventurer, you might want to delve deep into the dark corners of the district and uncover its sinister secrets. These who verify each crevice will be rewarded with components they can use to craft products that might save them in a pinch.

In contrast to most horror games, you will not be in a position to just heal away the discomfort from particular afflictions, also. Some encounters, if you are not ready, will dole out permanent injuries (or even death). These who are ready will be the ones that will survive this nightmare and reside to see one more day.

The Coma two: Vicious Sisters is coming quickly. You can verify out the official website for extra particulars.


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