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Marvel Super War is NetEase’s most recent venture into the MOBA realm. As you are going to guess from the name it’ll have all of your favourite Marvel heroes and villains as playable characters to take into 5v5 matches. It is possibly nevertheless a though away from becoming offered in most of the globe even though as its second beta test will start on the 21st November in chosen counties.

These nations will be India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The very first beta integrated these identical nations with the exception of Singapore, so the nations involved are gradually expanding.

As for the game itself, it is fairly significantly what you could anticipate when you hear there is going to be a Marvel MOBA. You are going to be capable to choose from a roster of heroes and villains from across the huge catalogue of diverse Marvel series’ and then do battle while knocking down towers and eventually destroying your opponent’s base.

The roster they’ve revealed so far incorporates the significant hitters like Thor, Hulk and Captain Marvel. But it also has a handful of of the lesser-identified characters – to me at least – like Jubilee. Then there are also villains you can play as such as the Maw and Proxima Midnight so you are not stuck becoming a excellent character if that is not your style.

It appears to be fairly enjoyable from the early glimpses of gameplay we’ve noticed. I am interested to see how the potent draw Marvel has due to the fact of the MCU will compete with the gargantuan MOBA that is League of Legends when that tends to make its way more than to mobiles subsequent year. It may possibly not even come to that of course, based on how Marvel Super War is received.

Marvel Super War is offered for pre-register now on Google Play if you reside in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The 2nd beta test will start off on 21st November for these regions while the rest of the globe will have to wait for a lot more news in future.

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