Infinity Ward intends to make a further Contemporary Warfare, DLC will continue the story


The Contact of Duty series has under no circumstances been 1 to rest on its laurels for also lengthy. Given that the ending of Contact of Duty: Contemporary Warfare sets up a sequel, a Modern Warfare two appears all but assured. Infinity Ward has commented on the final moments of the game and what they imply, saying that although some conversation has taken spot on what the subsequent instalment appears like, proper now the major concern is maintaining the existing game afloat.

Speaking to us about Contemporary Warfare laying the foundations for a stick to-up, narrative director Taylor Kurosaki says that the group are all in on a further, but at the moment these discussions are preliminary. “We would appreciate to make a further 1 of these. We have just about every intention of creating a further 1 of these,” He stated. “Have we spent substantially time pondering about what it could be? A small. We’ve also spent a ton of time just obtaining to the finish line, so yeah that is intended to get fans of the original trilogy excited and get new fans excited about what that could be.”

Kurosaki believes that by properly resetting the universe, Infinity Ward has place itself in a sturdy position to construct on the Contemporary Warfare series in new and intriguing strategies. “We really feel like we’ve reset this universe, so now it is fertile ground to make lots and lots extra content material,” He stated. “We’re going to commence by supporting this game in a definitely big way with post-launch. A single of the cool points is that all of the unique modes of the game take spot in the identical universe and with the identical fiction governing them.”

No spoilers, but between the ending and post-credits scene, fans of the Contact of Duty: Contemporary Warfare series were offered a lot to chew more than. There’s some apparent, and intriguing, hints at what Infinity Ward’s subsequent Contact of Duty venture could possibly appear like and involve.

Players can count on extra pieces of narrative in the upcoming DLC, also. So although there’s no sequel announcement just however, there will be extra Contemporary Warfare mythos to discover. “As we update the game with extra Spec-Ops missions and maps, that is continuing this story,” Kurosaki added. “So it does not necessarily imply sequel, but it signifies there’s extra coming. Remain tuned.”

In the meantime, you can study our assessment for a deeper evaluation of the game’s several twists and turns. And if you are seeking to up your multiplayer in Contact of Duty: Contemporary Warfare, we have guides on the most effective operators, most effective weapons, most effective gear, and all the killstreak rewards.


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