If you are an American citizen and you play PS4 you are fairly a great deal a communist : PS4


Persons get all uppity and acquire into Asian computer software, abandoning all faith in wholesome American entertainment like Xbox or the Xbox 360 or the Atari

Somehow the nintendo fan boys are even significantly less tolerable because they only watch Japanese anime and shame American tv , causing a stigma for individuals to hate the US, component of which brings us to our present political climate.

Speaking of which, Sony constantly appears to appeal to the socialist (as aformentionately stated) liberals and they know specifically what they are carrying out to Americans, exposing them to eastern entertainment, generating US citizens study Japan text and gradually make them develop accustomed to unamerican methods. This is terrible simply because they are corrupting the American market, and by extension the gaming market (this is alarming)


So, to the Sony heads, Why never you pack your panties and move to China if you like it there so a great deal, they habd all the communism you can ask for.

Or you can do what an upstanding person would, and ditch Sony (we all had to do it) and switch to the xBox or the Microsoft gaming Computer.


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