How do you make games in 2019?


I was often frustrated by the limitations this imposed on me. Now my limitations are just a matter of my selected platform.

You are also restricted by your personal engine writing capabilities now. So you traded one particular limitation for a further. Which can be fine, but don’t forget that you did.

I have my personal engine. I like tinkering with it. That is my purpose. For me, it is a hobby. So I can do what ever I want.
But whilst my engine has 3D rendering, it does not have any actual lighting or shadow handling, as I under no circumstances bothered with it.

But I do not consider producing your personal engine is the most effective way if you just want to make a game, unless you want one thing incredibly particular. Factorio is an fantastic instance, devoid of a custom game engine they under no circumstances would have gotten the lock-step multiplayer functioning, and the overall performance that they have. Unless they ignored just most of the engine, which is normally worse then not employing an engine at all.


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