Gith Race Pack | Neverwinter


The Gith Race Pack will grow to be offered in the Zen Industry tomorrow, October 29! This pack enables players to unlock the gith race and also consists of the following:

  • 3x Epic Insignia Selection Pack
  • 3x Bonding Runestone Rank eight
  • Adventurer’s Help Pack
  • 1 month VIP
  • Race reroll token
  • Character slot
  • Gith Supplies
    • Striped Rage Drake mount
    • Githyanki companion
    • Stardock Sentry title
    • Gith Style
    • Gith Bag of Holding (30 slot bag)

This pack is a 1-time obtain per account with the Gith Supplies subpack re-claimable on every character.


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