Florida Mum ‘Dislocated Son’s Jaw’ Immediately after He Refused To Quit Fortnite


Fortnite is never ever out of the headlines for lengthy. The battle royale game has been accused of advertising violence, becoming addictive and becoming advertised to these who are also young to play it, which means Fortnite is typically a hot subject amongst parents.

The most recent shocking news involving the game comes from Florida, exactly where a mum reportedly “dislocated her son’s jaw” immediately after he refused to quit playing the Epic Games title.

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35-year-old Ann Perugia from South Dayton, Florida, was arrested earlier this month immediately after it was claimed she assaulted her ten-year-old son [via Dexerto].

Nearby Florida news station WFLA claims that the boy had “forgotten” to quit playing Fortnite when asked by his mum to take a shower. When she later asked if he had showered, he responded “no.”

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Perugia then assaulted her son in the bathroom of their house, exactly where she allegedly punched him in the face and dislocated his jaw. Scratches on the boy also recommend he was assaulted elsewhere on his physique.

Following her arrest, Perugia reportedly told authorities that Fortnite was a large aspect in her attack, saying her son would play it promptly immediately after college.

Credit: Epic Games

She also claims her son mentioned to her: “I hate you, and you do not do something for me!”

According to reports, Perugia has been charged with aggravated kid abuse with physical injury. She has not admitted becoming violent with her son, and the case is nevertheless ongoing.

Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games, creator of Fortnite, has however to comment on this unique case, although this is not the initially time that the game has been blamed for a violent act.

Earlier this summer season, Iraq became the initially nation to ban Fortnite, citing it as a danger to its persons thanks to its violence,

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