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For lots of of us at Digital Eclipse, the original release of Aladdin on the 16-bit Sega Genesis console back in 1993 was a monumental and unforgettable moment. It was the initially time that a game really resembled an interactive cartoon and was capable to redefine what a “licensed game” could be like. It was also a game with a quite exciting story behind it, provided the close involvement of Disney Function Animation, so the creation of a collection focused on it definitely generally appealed to us.

It would take many years, a fortunate discovery, and some very good timing for it all to ultimately come collectively.

Our group at Digital Eclipse has identified members of the original Virgin Games Aladdin improvement group for really some time, with 1 of them (Nick Bruty) really functioning at the corporation, so the notion of performing some thing with Aladdin was generally bouncing about. Even so, we wanted to make positive that what ever we did was some thing unique. Just throwing the Aladdin game into a box wouldn’t be adequate. We necessary to do some thing unique, but what?

Diving back into these games to share some new and refreshed content material with fans was some thing we got specifically excited about, and fortunately publisher Nighthawk Interactive and Disney felt the very same way. With their help, operate on Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King started earlier this year.

As discussions with the original improvement group progressed, the pieces began coming collectively. The discovery of a wealth of content material that under no circumstances produced it into the released version of the game was a important eye-opener. There was so considerably unseen content material that the notion of an Aladdin collection truly began producing sense.

The Lion King was a further 16-bit Disney favourite published by Virgin Games quickly just after the original Aladdin, and it seemed like the great time to bring these two games collectively into 1 collection.

The Games

A lot of believed goes into what games are incorporated in each and every project we operate on, and it is vital that the games connect to each and every other in essential methods and are capable to present an exciting story. For this collection, we brought collectively two classic Disney games connected by the group at Virgin in the heydays of the Genesis and SNES.

But we went beyond the Genesis and SNES, functioning challenging to involve many playable versions of the a variety of platform releases fans have enjoyed more than the years:


  • Genesis Version
  • Japanese Mega Drive Version
  • GameBoy Version
  • Colorized GameBoy Version

The Lion King

  • SNES Version
  • Genesis Version
  • Japanese Mega Drive Version
  • GameBoy Version
  • Colorized GameBoy Version

The Solutions

It was also vital to us to involve a selection of choices to increase the practical experience of playing these games in the modern day age of consoles. That meant adding “rewind” to all the games so that players could simply backtrack and overcome errors, delivering straightforward access to level skips and invulnerability, and even which includes the Interactive Game Viewer featuring complete (and totally watchable) playthroughs of the games so that players can jump in and get started playing at what ever spot they want.

We want each and every particular person who buys this collection to be capable to finish each and every game, so it is vital for us to give the tools for them to do that and empower them to love the practical experience any way they want to.

We also really feel that players need to be capable to adjust the general presentation of each and every game to suit their tastes, so which includes a selection of screen choices was a need to. From each and every game’s choices screen, players can switch among a screen size that finest reflects the native aspect ratio of the original game or make it larger or even fill the complete screen, if they want. They can also decide on from 3 unique filters developed to mimic the appear of classic CRT televisions and monitors, as nicely as turn on screen borders.

The “Final Cut”

With such wealthy history behind each of these titles, the museum section in Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King packs in a lot of content material and previously unseen bonus material.

In reality, what we discovered even though filming the behind-the-scenes Aladdin videos for this collection inspired us to build an more, bonus version: the Aladdin “Final Reduce.” Whilst primarily based upon the original version of the game, this updated version characteristics a big quantity of fixes, tweaks, and additions so lots of, in reality, that listing them out would possibly take about seven pages.

The original improvement group explained the items they would have loved to have fixed or enhanced if time had permitted. Whilst they had to make essential choices on what to concentrate on for their initial release, that got the Digital Eclipse group considering about how we now had the possibility to discover all these refinements.

We didn’t want to make any adjustments just for the sake of producing adjustments, although, so we spent a lot of time figuring out what have been items that a) would genuinely make the practical experience a lot more enjoyable for fans and b) the group would have possibly performed themselves if they had some additional time.

Becoming fans ourselves, a) was straightforward to figure out. It was b) that was a bit tougher, so we ended up enlisting the help of some of the original group members, such as William Anderson, to aid out with recommendations. William was 1 of the level designers on Aladdin and a excellent sounding board for our tips and recommendations. Combined with Wealthy Whitehouse’s expansive know-how of the game, we had the tools necessary to make the adjustments we felt acceptable.

It was vital to all of us, although, that we didn’t make a version of Aladdin that felt as well unique from the original. Why mess with some thing so excellent, proper? Alternatively, we wanted to build some thing closer to a “Day 1 patch” for the game, which is some thing the original group under no circumstances had the chance to make.

Along these lines, we addressed essential things such as the camera technique, which had some issues about centering the character and dead zones the combat technique, which benefited from some adjustments to attack animations, how sword clashes are handled and general enemy balance.

We then went in and fixed a selection of smaller sized problems, such as collision bugs that have been producing it tougher for players to attain particular things. We even added in new level sections and things to market a bit a lot more exploration and sense of discovery.

In the finish, I really feel that we struck a good balance of preserving what produced the original version of Aladdin so excellent and timeless, even though also producing some adjustments that will hopefully make the practical experience a bit a lot more balanced and enjoyable for fans of the game. We hope they agree.

With all the new and under no circumstances-just before-observed content material in this collection, only some of which I talked about, we can not wait till Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King gets into the hands of the fans tomorrow. The journey to get to this point was often difficult, but we generally knew it would be worth it.

We hope that this collection captures what produced each the original Aladdin and The Lion King games so magical and is capable to introduce a entire new generation of Disney fans to some classic experiences that are nevertheless just as very good these days as they have been decades ago.


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