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For the final handful of days we’ve had a pretty early operating version of Andreas Larsson and team’s C64 port of Eye of the Beholder.  With 100% of the game’s levels completed, the game only has some bug fixing and a handful of remaining characteristics to total.

We’ve covered the game’s improvement a lot of occasions more than the final handful of years – which includes a appear at an engine prototype from Andreas’s initial try at porting the game to the C128 in 2006.   This was scrapped due to storage specifications for the game but contemporary C64 cartridge formats and some pestering from close friends convinced Andreas to return to it for the C64.  You can come across out extra about the game’s background from Andreas and the group in our exclusive interview and readers Q&ampA from final year.

So suitable now you are in all probability questioning: Does it run ok on C64?  Has the complete game been squeezed onto a C64 cartridge?  Will I be in a position to run this on a stock C64 machine? The answer to all of these queries is yes!   The existing construct we are testing contains 100% of the game’s levels, as properly as all the traps, monsters, products, NPCs, Heroes and events from the Westwood original.

I’ve effectively completed the initial three levels of the game and reached the Dwarven Ruins and the game runs like butter on a actual C64.  I even loaded up the Amiga version to evaluate screen rendering and battle occasions against the Amiga version… I am even operating it on an accelerated A1200 with 128mb rapid ram and an 030 processor, I hardly noticed any speed distinction in between crawling the dungeons on Amiga vs C64. This is an insanely fantastic port.  But the group didnt’ quit there, you will also be in a position to take benefit of a 2MHz processor if you have a C128 (even though I never assume it even demands it), AND the C64 version even goes additional than the Amiga original and implements the super beneficial auto map from the Computer (and AGA homebrew) versions.

Examine the graphical differencs in between the Amiga original and C64 versions under – Ilkka Sjöstedt and Lars Verhoeff have carried out an outstanding job converting the original graphics and enhancing the UI to the C64’s strengths.

Amiga Version
C64 Version

Eye of the Beholder 64 at the moment has 1351 mouse assistance constructed in, a semi-implemented (at the moment unusable ) joystick mode, non-mouse keyboard mode (not implemented but), but the 1351 mouse mode performs fine on original C64 hardware, or with a Micromys v4 (PS/two) mouse adapter for C64.  It also performs on Vice with 1351 mouse emulation switched on, so the game controls are currently operating fairly properly. When combined mouse and keyboard perform collectively brilliantly – Utilizing WASD/QE keys for the six directional movement, and mouse clicking for attacking – this manage method really feel wonderful – I want extra developers would assistance the C64 mouse! 

For extra data on approaches you can run the game on release:  I am applying the Ultimate 64 which has easyflash cart assistance constructed in. But the game will run fine on your original C64s, you will just will need a way to play EasyFlash cartridges when the game comes out.  I am nevertheless hoping the game will get a physical release of some type, but if not, you will be in a position to run the game on actual hardware or on an emulator that supports the EasyFlash cartridge format.

While the Eye of the Beholder 64 is close to total, the developers’ busy schedules imply they are optimisic for a Q1 2020 release, here’s Andreas with extra data:

“ETA is most in all probability Q1 subsequent year. We’ll see. Depends on me and my availability to code. It will be me releasing it. We do not have official IP rights atm so at the moment it will be a non-industrial release. That could adjust, but that is the status suitable now.” I will continue to test the game, with a reside stream on my Twitch channel Monday 28th October – 8PM UK time.  Please really feel absolutely free to drop in and verify out this outstanding masterpiece of a game operating for the initial time ever on an eight bit machine.  Big congratulations to Andreas Larrson and the group for a monumental feat of eight bit engineering.  Just adhere to to get notified when I go reside, I will also post on Twitter, and my Discord channel.

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