George Ziets Co-founds New Studio, Digimancy Entertainment


If you know who George Ziets is, you in all probability know him for his part as the Inventive Lead in the improvement of Neverwinter Nights two: Mask of the Betrayer, an expansion that in some strategies superseded the base game in terms of one of a kind worldbuilding and a additional engaging questline.

We interviewed Ziets final year for our function on the 15th anniversary of Obsidian Entertainment, and he discussed what the knowledge of designing Mask of the Betrayer was like.

Mask of the Betrayer was a pretty uncommon scenario. Economic expectations had been low, and it had a pretty low price range. As a outcome, the project flew beneath most people’s radar, which meant small or no involvement from publishers or executives. (One particular notable exception was Chris Avellone, who was pretty supportive of what we had been performing and ended up writing two of our companions.) It felt like [producer] Kevin [Saunders] and I had been in a position to do what ever we wanted, as lengthy as we stayed beneath price range. I didn’t recognize at the time how uncommon that was, and though my style for the narrative was ambitious, and it led me to place in a lot of pretty lengthy hours, taking benefit of that chance was one particular of the very best choices I’ve ever created. I’m proud of what we achieved.

This week, Ziets appeared on gaming historian Matt Barton’s YouTube channel to speak about his new independent studio, Digimancy Entertainment.

As Ziets says in the interview, Digimancy Entertainment will develop RPGs and RPG-hybrids, with a concentrate on one of a kind narratives. For now, the studio will concentrate on original settings and new IPs, but Ziets says he’s also pretty interested in current IPs, specifically Dungeons &amp Dragons campaign settings such as Ravenloft, Dark SunDragonlance, and so on.

According to Ziets’ LinkedIn profile, he is the Inventive Director and Co-owner of Digimancy Entertainment. He did not mention in the interview who the other owner(s) would be, but he talked about the possibility of remote developers who would be excited to function with Digimancy Entertainment in building the sort of RPGs Ziets envisions.

Ziets’s final RPG with inXile Entertainment is Wasteland three, which is due to release in 2020. You can verify our enthusiastic preview right here.

Are you searching forward to Digimancy Entertainment’s games? Are you hoping for a game in any distinct D&ampD setting? Leave your comments under!


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