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Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout&#13

A JRPG masterpiece

ESRB Teen rating


Gust’s series of lighthearted JRPGs may perhaps not be preferred in the west but this most current installment undoubtedly proves that it must be.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout screenshot 1
Virtually just about every frame of Atelier Ryza is beautiful

I’ve been playing Atelier games for pretty a extended time and discover that it really is a single of the most underrated franchises in all of gaming. Every single installment requires dangers which is a thing that can not be mentioned for a lot of games in the genre. At times, these dangers are enormous such as how Atelier Firis gives an open-globe encounter whilst other entries play it a bit safer like the current Atelier Lulua.

With all of that getting mentioned, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness &amp the Secret Hideout may perhaps be the most significant departure for the series so far but it feels like it belongs completely with its beautiful game globe, beautiful cast of characters, heartwarming story themes, and amazing orchestral soundtrack. So, enable me to clarify what tends to make it so diverse and why I, as a enormous Atelier fan, take pleasure in it as considerably as I do.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout screenshot 2
I’d hate to be on the other finish of Ryza’s employees!

Just before diving into the gameplay, I will describe Atelier Ryza’s premise and characters. Reisalin Stout (AKA Ryza) lives on a tiny farm with her parents which is positioned on an isolated island. There are not several people her age so she’s superior close friends with a couple of chaps named Lent and Tao. Lent is a muscular fellow who aspires to be a warrior whilst Tao is a tiny nerdy guy who desperately desires to decipher his family’s collection of books. As a outcome, Ryza is a tomboy who knows what she desires and goes to good lengths to accomplish her objectives. Namely, she desires to go on an epic adventure so she hatches a program to evade her parents and discover the continent.

Shortly into the tale, Ryza meets a girl her age (Klaudia) who she is delighted by and the gang at some point meet several additional close friends like the warrior Lila who trains with Lent and is close friends with Empel who assists Tao in his geeky endeavours. The two of them also introduce Ryza to alchemy and needless to say, she has pretty a knack for it. General, the cast of characters is phenomenal and I discover them to be the most likeable and relatable chums in any Atelier game. Plus, their globe is magical, wonderful, and a wondrous location to discover.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout screenshot 3
Watching Ryza react as you synthesize things is a treat

Of course, Atelier Ryza would not be considerably of an Atelier game if it did not function alchemy. Let me just say that the synthesis technique right here is the most rewarding and intricate a single so far. Initial of all, it can be as basic or as complex as you want it to be and by that, I imply that you can just throw stuff in the cauldron and make things or meticulously program how to craft the ideal version of the item that you can. The technique itself requires location on recipe diagrams which consist of connected nodes. Every single node represents an ingredient or item kind and it really is your job to fulfill these nodes as nicely as location various things on every node to make them additional potent till you use up the quantity of essential things. On prime of all that, some nodes outcome in brand new recipes so as soon as you fill these in, you can commence crafting all new item forms. I will not get as well in-depth simply because this is merely a overview but let me just say, the possibilities are thoughts-blowing.

The other significant adjust is the battle technique which is considerably additional action-packed and surprisingly difficult. For starters, battles happen in actual time so you ought to situation commands swiftly unless you use a Swift Action which stops time and permits you to get in an added move. Retain in thoughts that you only handle 1 character at a time and can cycle by way of your celebration of three anytime you want. Anyway, as you fight, you are going to earn AP which can be employed for capabilities and as soon as you attain specific thresholds, you can money them in to improve your Techniques level which lets characters attack various occasions in a row. There are several additional things to take into consideration such as your enemy’s weaknesses and stun gauge as nicely as your Core Charge which depletes anytime you use an item. Heck, you can even toggle your teammates amongst passive mode and aggressive mode as you want. General, it really is a single engaging technique that tends to make just about every fight fascinating.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout screenshot 4
Appears like the only a single who’s functioning is Lent…

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness &amp the Secret Hideout attributes so several gameplay mechanics and systems that it really is absurd. I imply that in the ideal of techniques, of course. As you progress by way of the campaign, you are going to discover oneself using a wide assortment of gathering tools like fishing rods, bug nets, and even a scythe. You will also earn the potential to quickly travel to any previously visited place which shaves loads of time off traversal. There are a ton of quests to master, as well, which come in a couple of varieties such as story-associated ones, requests from townsfolk, and celebration-primarily based ones which act like achievements. Furthermore, you can alter the way your hideout appears, reinforce weapons at your forge, handle a garden, and use a factor known as a Gathering Synthesizer to produce distinct places that may perhaps include particular things to add to your collection and monsters to fight. See? I told you that the quantity of content material in Atelier Ryza is absurd!

I honestly do not have considerably damaging to say about this masterpiece of a JRPG but I do have a couple of complaints. The initial is that I want it had English voice acting. I fully grasp that voicing a enormous game such as this is a substantial endeavour but certainly, Koei Tecmo has the sources to invest in that. I imply, Thought Factory generally adds English voices to their games and I am specific that Koei Tecmo is a larger corporation than they are. Anyway, my only other complaint is that some info is needlessly challenging to discover or is blatantly obscured. For instance, when you have to meet a character but they are not in their usual spot and the waypoint is not pointing to them, it can get super-annoying though that does not occur usually. Also, you have to genuinely dig by way of the menus to discover exactly where unattained things that you will need are positioned. Thinking about these are the only complaints that I have, you can trust that this is a prime-notch game.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout screenshot 5
It would not be an epic adventure devoid of a dragon to slay!

With so several JRPGs remaining stagnant or attempting to appeal to the masses, Atelier Ryza stands tall amongst its peers as a really astounding encounter. Irrespective of whether you happen to be a fan of the series or just a JRPG enthusiast, you will need to play this masterpiece.

  • + Extremely revolutionary and rewarding new battle and alchemy systems
  • + Stunning globe and charming characters
  • + Copious assortment of content material to master
  • &#13

  • Lacks English voice acting
  • Some info can be unclear
  • &#13

9.1 out of 10&#13



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