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WarpThrough is a rapid paced arcade arena action platformer that draws inspiration from Towerfall Ascension, Super Crate box and Downwell exactly where you beat up monsters and warp by way of dimensions to save your pals – all without having an attack button!

In WarpThrough your character warps into various arenas and does battle against a selection of various weird monsters. The gameplay is rapid paced and arcadey like Super Crate Box, but there’s no attack button, so to attack you have to stand nonetheless for a handful of seconds then press the path you’d like to attack in, unleashing a devastating attack in the approach.

The story focuses on Charlotte, a hot-headed teenager who is fed up with the monsters invading her globe, so has decided to invade them back! As nicely as Charlotte, WarpThrough functions 3 other playable characters, each and every with their personal special expertise and attack types. As nicely as the primary mode, there’s regional co-op, weekly challenges and a selection of various modes to preserve you busy.

It is a entertaining seeking game that promises lots of rapid paced arcade action and an revolutionary manage scheme exactly where you will not be in a position to survive by just spamming attacks – you will have to choose your moments and make certain each hit lands. Sign up for the Beta to commence punching these monsters back to the dimension they escaped from!

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