Ubisoft sues Rainbow Six Siege hackers for ‘massive and irreparable harm’


Ubisoft is suing a teenage hacker who sold ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ of Rainbow Six Siege cheats via his personal web site, thereby causing ‘massive and irreparable harm’ to Ubisoft and its intellectual home (by way of Polygon).

MizuSoft prides itself on getting a ‘a top cheat provider focused on delivering highly effective but user-friendly software’, and claim it is ‘deadset on maintaining cheat undetected’ to safeguard the player’s accounts from detection by Ubisoft. The Rainbow Six Siege developer accused the web site owner – referred to as ‘JVL’ as he is a minor – of exploiting its intellectual home, violating the game’s terms of use, and encouraging other players to do the similar. By means of its organization, Ubisoft alleged that MizuSoft has generated ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars from their distribution of, and sale of licenses to, the Cheating Application.’

The web site at the moment states it ‘will be ceasing operations as of October 24th, 2019’, but the lawsuit claimed that it had the ‘Budget Edition Rainbow Six Siege Cheat’ out there for obtain up till not too long ago. As a every day or month-to-month subscription service, the software program would enhance harm completed, enhance the field of view, and show locations of the atmosphere that would otherwise be inaccessible. Ubisoft also stated that JVL had ‘bragged to the media that his Cheating Application ruins R6S for other players’, and that it has paid out ‘enormous sums of cash (and vast amounts of time) attempting to remediate the harm.’

Ten other defendants are pointed out and quite a few of these are getting sued beneath their Discord usernames. In reparations for the fiscal and intellectual harm completed to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has requested the court for $25,000 per violation and for MizuSoft to be dissolved. In addition, Ubisoft is undertaking legal action against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers, as effectively as banning the ‘worst offenders’ from the game for ever. 


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