The Weekly Updates Update: Not just Halloween


In all the hubbub of the week, you might’ve missed some of the patches and updates rolled out to games. Presenting the Weekly Updates Update, a noncomprehensive roundup of new maps and characters and balance tweaks and fixes and such which caught my eye more than the week – such as a handful of we haven’t posted about.

This week, I swear it is not just Halloween events. There are a lot of Halloween events, that is accurate. But other patches as well, bringing every thing from The Extended Dark’s subsequent story episode to many frying pans.

Steam can play neighborhood multiplayer games on line

Now in open testing on the beta branch, Steam Remote Play Collectively lets men and women play all of Steam’s neighborhood multiplayer games remotely more than the World-wide-web. Only the host require personal and run it, then other players get the view streamed to them.

Episode three of The Extended Dark’s story is out

The third of Wintermute’s 5 episodes switches point of view, possessing us play as the physician we’ve been hunting in the initially two.

Dota Underlords launched The Large Update

New heroes! New alliances! Actual Underlords, which essentially are a factor not just a naming flourish!

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds began Season five

A major update overhauled Miramar and, far additional importantly, added the capacity to throw melee weapons. I will pan you.

CoD: Contemporary Warfare launched with an update

If you had issues about certain challenges from the beta, hey, see if they’re fixed.

EmuVR added light gun help in the wildest way

The vintage console &amp Computer emulator, which plays games on a telly in a VR bedroom, will let you play many light gun games on many in-game screens at the very same time. This appears wild.

Fortnite massively boosted XP

The new season brought a new technique of XP rewards to level up the Battle Pass and, nicely, it was slow as hell. Just after attempting a large increase a single weekend, Epic appear to have produced that permanent.

Noita added official mod help

Now you can be totally accountable for your terrible fate. New spells are in as well.

Halloween in Borderlands three

A spooky quest to get a spooky gun and spooky costumes.

Halloween in Rainbow Six Siege

The 5v5 occasion mode has a group of monsters attempt to hide from 5 hammer-wielding hunters. Spooky outfits are in as well, natch.

Halloween in Dying Light is a bit Left four Dead

Do not get as well excited by the name ‘Dying Light x Left four Dead 2’. The crossover occasion boosts enemy spawns, provides you additional weapons and ammo, adds blueprints for 3 L4D2 melee weapons, and that is about it. But these new weapons do consist of a frying pan and god, I adore a superior panning.

PES 2020 launched a new ‘data pack’

That is updated names, faces, portraits, strips, stadiums, and other refreshers. Fixes as well.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s ‘Another Evening On Endor’ update is go

It is added new co-op scenarios, and a new map has hit… Ewok Hunt mode? My notes have to be mixed up. Ewok Hunt certainly.

Rebel Cops added a wave survival mode

Let’s generously assume that ‘Rebel Yell’ mode is a reference not to the Confederate battle cry but Billy Idol.


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