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Whilst The Outer Worlds is not specifically a difficult game, nonetheless, playing on the game’s hardest difficulty: Supernova can be really arduous. Not getting capable to quick travel, possessing very restricted auto saves, and of course perma death for your Companions can make even straightforward issues a great deal a lot more difficult. In this Supernova Difficulty Guide, we’ll show you how to deal with issues, so that you can take pleasure in the challenge, without the need of having frustrated or stuck.

The Outer Worlds Guide to Supernova Difficulty

As with other RPGs, specifically RPGs Obsidian has created, the starting portion of the game is commonly the hardest when playing on the highest difficulty setting. Pillars of Eternity two was the similar way, for the most portion, and players need to have to get more than “the hump” ahead of issues begin to smooth out and you can genuinely take pleasure in the ride that is Supernova. For this cause let’s take a appear at Character Builds initial, as this will drastically have an effect on how properly you do via out the game.

Supernova Character Builds

When creating a character for Supernova difficulty, it is incredibly essential that you commit to the form of Make that you determine to play. That signifies that you have an concept if it is melee, or ranged, what sort of weapons you will be applying and so forth, and you are not going to second guess oneself when issues get difficult and determine to attempt one thing else. You will die a time or two in Emerald Vale, do not blame your Make when this occurs, or you will get stuck in a vicious cycle of beginning more than and not having anyplace. It does not matter what sort of character you determine to play, you can make it via Supernova, but some Builds will have an much easier time than other folks.

Ranged Characters in Supernova

With that in thoughts, I strongly advise playing some sort of ranged character for Supernova, unless you are applying the Prismatic Hammer. This is for the reason that choosing off an enemy or two ahead of the other folks can even get in variety to shoot you will commonly save your butt early on, and support to preserve your Companions alive. When Armor can genuinely make a distinction, it is incredibly hard to upgrade it higher sufficient to mitigate all the harm you will take from enemies, and they have a tendency to hit difficult. The very best defense is a excellent offense, and not having hit is the very best way to steer clear of dying.

Ranged characters need to invest in Intelligence, Perception and Temperament. These issues will support you deal the most probable harm, whilst at the similar time topping off your Overall health among encounters. I wouldn’t invest a lot more than a point or two into Temperament, but it genuinely comes in handy in Supernova.

Melee Characters in Supernova

You are going to have a a great deal tougher time at the starting of your Supernova playthrough if you went the melee route, and possessing the highest probable Armor will be an absolute necessity. You need to try to choose off a single enemy from every single group with a Energy Attack whilst Sneaking, to support thin the group ahead of they open fire on you. If you are clever you can normally get a lot more than a single.

Spot points into Strength, Intelligence and Temperament for the most harm and surviveability. Take into account dropping a point from Perception and putting two points into Temperament for even a lot more Overall health Regeneration. You will want to make confident that you have Toughness and Resilient as swiftly as probable to support with survival, and dump points early on into Block for even a lot more Armor.

Talent, Companions and How to Attain Accomplishment in Supernova

1 of the genuinely excellent issues about Supernova is that it will genuinely test your tactic in combat compared to reduce troubles, and portion of that is for the reason that you will have to preserve an eye on your Companions or they will die permanently. Developing your character with the correct Expertise and Perks to a lot more incorporate your Companions is crucial, and in this section I’ll inform you how to do just that.

How to Maintain Your Companions Alive in Supernova

Maintaining Parvati and Vicar Max alive in Emerald Vale will probably be the most difficult portion of the early goings of the game. You can not send Parvati back to the ship till you have completed this location, although you can Max when you recruit him, but there’s no cause to have 1 Companion when you can have two. You can get them each rather swiftly, and I recommend that you do Max’s quest line and get him ASAP in order to have a lot more firepower, and a lot more targets for enemies to shoot at, spreading out the harm.

Make confident that you preserve absolutely everyone in your group stocked with the heaviest Armor you can early on, to preserve them alive. It does not matter if you take penalties to Stealth Expertise, put on Heavy Armor, and make confident you Tinker everyone’s Armor up a tiny bit to support defend them additional. Repair it when necessary, and make confident that absolutely everyone is at complete Overall health when you go into battle.


Leadership is Essential

The Leadership Talent is crucial to survival early on and it does quite a few issues for you. Initially, it is going to enable your Companions to use their Skills, and each Parvati’s and Max’s Skills hit difficult and CC enemies. This can genuinely support handle the battlefield, and stop you or your teammates from taking harm, in particular against tougher hitting enemies with greater well being pools that do not go down simply. Get comfy with these Skills, and find out when and how to use them.

Secondly, Companion Armor Rating will be boosted by 20%, assisting to preserve them alive. Once more, no a single can have sufficient Armor in Supernova, so the a lot more the far better.

Third, when you heal with the Inhaler, you will heal your Companions for 30% of the Overall health returned to you. This enables you to “oh shit” heal them when they could be about to die, and can in some cases be the distinction among saving them or watching them die ahead of your eyes. This will be additional enhanced when you hit 60 in Determination, so aim for that and get there when you can.

You will acquire half of your Companions’ total ability worth at 60 Inspiration, as an alternative of a quarter, creating you a great deal a lot more helpful at Talent Checks. This will enable you to preserve dropping points into issues that make you hit tougher or tougher to kill, and not get locked out of lots of dialogue alternatives.

Final, Companions acquire harm and well being passively for every single point spent, additional boosting their personal effectiveness. If they can kill issues as well, then issues get a entire lot much easier. Make confident you gear them with excellent Weapons, and replace them when you see far better ones.


Companion Perks Matter

Companion Perks are incredibly essential in Supernova, and you want to choose issues that support them remain alive. Healthful need to constantly be your initial decision, for the reason that 30% a lot more Overall health is a lot. Battle Hardened is also a excellent decision for Perk quantity two, or you can choose Sneaky if you want, but you do not necessarily want every little thing to attack you. Stonebreaker assists raise Companion Capability harm to a point it can normally a single shot lots of enemies, so take that at Tier three. Shake it off is a strong decision at Tier four for the reason that harm more than time effects can destroy a Companion simply on Monarch, and this Perks tends to make them put on off quicker. Stand Your Ground is a excellent decision for Tier five, for additional enhanced Armor.


Final Strategies

Early on you will need to have to sleep in the cot on your ship close to the Workbench for the reason that the Captain’s quarters will not be open but. Do not attempt to do all of Emerald Vale without the need of sleeping, for the reason that as your sleep (or meals or drink) bar starts to deplete you will take penalties to your Attributes. If at any time you go to your Attribute screen and see penalties that you didn’t apply through Character Creation, make your you sleep, or consume or drink.


If you need to have Water or are possessing a difficult time obtaining any, purchase it from Vending Machines. I constantly purchase some any time I see a single for the reason that it is necessary the most frequently, and it is not super pricey. Appear out for Dehydrated Water, Plain N’ Pure Water or Glacier Water and purchase these when you can. You can use sugary drinks as properly when in a pinch, but constantly stock up when you can.


Stay clear of combat if you can early on, and full quests to acquire XP. If you do not really feel comfy taking on a pack of enemies, or they’ve currently killed you as soon as or twice, steer clear of them and come back later. There are a couple of spots in Emerald Vale that have six+ enemies at as soon as, and it is incredibly straightforward to die or drop a Companion in these locations. Come back when you are greater level and a bit a lot more geared up.

Deconstruct Armor and Weapons you do not need to have early on for components, but then start promoting issues you do not need to have for Bits so that you can Tinker your Armor and Weapons up greater for enhanced efficiency. Tinkering excellent gear can make all the distinction in the globe, but if you deconstruct every little thing you will not have the Bits to do it. And if you do not deconstruct something, then you cannot repair your Armor. It is a fine balance, but make confident you do each.

If your Companions preserve dying set them to Defensive so that they quit chasing every single god damn enemy and having themselves killed. This will make them really a bit significantly less helpful than regular, but in some cases all you need to have them to do is not die. Switch them back to Aggressive immediately after you have resolved and encounter this way, for the reason that they are “usually” fine this way. Usually…


Lastly, when choosing Tier two Perks choose We Band of Brothers and Rolling Thunder for enhanced cooldown on Companion Skills. You can perma CC enemies with Companion Skills if you do this, and you will need to have to on tougher hitting ones like Mega Mantiqueens and Mega Primals or a person will die.


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