Starbreeze resumes Payday two improvement, new paid DLC on the horizon


Overkill parent corporation Starbreeze is restarting active improvement on Payday two, walking back its plans to quit producing DLC and updates for the extended-operating game as the corporation performs to emerge from turbulent economic troubles.

Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark explained as substantially in a post to Payday two’s Steam web page, providing a candid appear at the state of the corporation and how it plans to deal with the game and its trove of DLC moving forward.

“On December 3rd, we only had projected money reserves to run the corporation till mid-January 2019. This was how significant the circumstance had come to be,” he writes.

“Since then we’ve been in a position, by means of particularly difficult function and commitment by all of our workers, been in a position to remain afloat, clean up our small business and start off pondering about our future and the future of Payday. We’re not totally there but, but we are beginning to appear ahead at what’s subsequent.”

It is not terribly surprising that Starbreeze is bringing Payday two out of semi-retirement and announcing plans for each paid and no cost updates. In spite of ending active improvement in late 2018, Payday two has continued to bring in millions for the struggling corporation.

Shortly ahead of it was announced the game would cease improvement, Payday two was accountable for $two.three million in quarterly sales. Even in the report released this August, Payday two alone brought in about $1.five million in sales.

Even so the new content material plans for Payday two, explains Nermark, involve going against some of the earlier statements the corporation produced about how the game’s future DLC would be handled. Though updated plans for Payday two incorporate each no cost and paid updates, the corporation had previously released the Ultimate Edition with the guarantee that it would incorporate access to all DLC launched for the lifetime of the game.

“To get it out of the door instantly yes, I know we’re breaking a guarantee. We do not do so with ease or take this lightly,” writes Nermark. “At one particular point in time, our corporation believed that the interest and engagement in Payday two would decline more than time, as new internal games had been released. Sources had been necessary on new projects and production of Payday two was scheduled to quit and no much more updates to come.”

With new content material once more on the table, the corporation is replacing the Ultimate Edition guarantee with a Payday two: Legacy Collection that consists of all DLC released through or ahead of 2018. The capacity to acquire person DLC has also been reinstated.


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