Scrat’s Nutty Adventure Feels Like A PS2 Game And That is A Fantastic Point


The final Ice Age film or brief came out back in 2016. There has been the speak of a new film or Television series, but nothing at all has in fact released in the final three years. Till late final week. For some cause the planet received a new Ice Age video game, starring Scrat. It is weird that 3 years right after the final film we get a new game. What’s even weirder is that this game is not poor. I’d even say, I like it. Seriously.

Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure was released for PS4, Xbox A single, Switch, and Computer on October 18th. It stars Scrat, that weird and overly hyper squirrel (?) who is often hunting for a nut. At the start out of the Scrat finds ruins of a technologically sophisticated ancient squirrel civilization. To unlock the secrets of the ruins and grow to be strong, Scrat wants to track down 3 super nuts. This is all genuine. I’m not creating any of this up. Honestly, it is not that weird thinking about the final Ice Age film had a plot that was totally place into motion by Scrat poorly operating a UFO.

The actual game is a relatively standard platformer with some light combat components. The levels have a strong quantity of range and visually, these appear quite excellent. You hop about these levels, collecting gems and acquiring hidden things. You know, a video game. Practically nothing incredible.

The factor is, this game and its wild story reminded me of a lot of these licensed games we use to get back in the PS2-era of gaming. And it is odd to really feel this way, but I assume I miss these games? Confident licensed games nonetheless exist, but they’ve all largely moved to mobile platforms. Which is sad. Confident several of these licensed games have been poor, but not all of them. And as a kid, it was so cool to play a game on my Television primarily based on a cartoon or film I loved. Scrat’s Nutty Adventure feels like 1 of these games like it was frozen back in 2003 ahead of it was published and only now, in 2019, has it been thawed out and released.

There are some annoying concerns in Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, for positive. The camera can bug out in areas, animations do not often appear excellent and combat is not entertaining at all. But damn it, I nonetheless enjoyed it. I sat down to only play it for an hour, just to grab some screenshots and get a really feel for it. But I ended up playing it for almost three hours.

It is weird to have a nostalgic reaction to some thing brand new. I do not even like the Ice Age films or have any sturdy feelings about the franchise. But playing a colorful and easy licensed platformer did activate some component of my brain and created me satisfied.

It is extremely Quite uncomplicated to appear at screenshots of this game or the trailer and dismiss it or make entertaining of it. And once again, there are some troubles and concerns with it.

But if you ever played and enjoyed old PS2 platformers, excellent or poor ones, and miss these games, you may possibly want to verify out Scrat’s Nutty Adventure. I’m not promising some unbelievable, marvelous video game knowledge. Rather, I’ll guarantee a easy and entertaining small platformer that feels like it fell off of a Blockbuster rental shelf, circa 2003. A game you play for a weekend, love and almost certainly by no means play once again.

We have a lot of excellent indie games out today that recreate NES or SNES gaming experiences. But for several persons these days, they grew up playing games on the PS2 and Gamecube. And this Ice Age game, even if it wasn’t constructed to be, is a great like letter to a variety of game from that era that we do not get any longer.


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