Retronator // Andy Green is 1 of the most prolific ZX Spectrum…


Andy Green is 1 of the most prolific ZX Spectrum artists of late with more than 100 screens made in the final three years. But it is far from just quantity that puts him in the best three most preferred artists list of the ZX Spectrum graphics archive ZX Art—any developer in the eight-bit era would be delighted to have his cautious recreations of 80s artworks accompany their gaming creations.

Although Andy’s drawing roots do go all the way to the Spectrum era, he largely sharpened his capabilities in the Amiga scene back then. It wasn’t till decades later that he began generating his invaluable physique of loading screens that never ever have been, generally ZX renditions of cassette inlay or poster artworks that back in the days just didn’t get the price range (or talent) to be effectively translated to the trademark limitations of the Spectrum’s eight-colour, attribute-clash video output.

Richard Langford, a developer of retro games (amongst other factors), was similarly impressed with Andy’s colorful renditions of Spectrum nostalgia. So a lot so that he made a hardcover book, Improved Late Then In no way, with all of Andy’s loading screens to date (and then some). With each other with contributions from Shaun McClure and John Davies, the 4 of them navigate across the memories of ZX Spectrum games, with numerous comments from Andy on the production approach of the artworks themselves.


The beautifully-developed 140-web page coffee table book will be a welcome addition to any ZX Spectrum fan’s living space. It was made from pure admiration of Andy’s pixel art capabilities, with all proceeds of the sales going to charity. If you are searching for a (Christmas) present for your self or a fellow gamer from the Sinclair camp, you can grab a copy on Amazon (hardcover, $45).


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