Pokemon Sword & Shield producer has no regrets more than not which includes all Pokemon


In an interview with VG247, Pokemon Sword &amp Shield producer Junichi Masuda mentioned, ‘We do not have regrets about what we’ve completed.’

He was asked about Pokemon Sword &amp Shield not getting the complete national dex, which would include all Pokemon from the previous games. It has been a bone of contention for some of the series’ fans.

In response, Masuda mentioned, ‘We do not have regrets about what we’ve completed. In terms of getting Pokemon that you had in earlier games, we do have Pokemon Household that is coming out – and that is a different spot exactly where everybody can collect all their Pokemon from earlier games and love a unique way of playing with them there.’

Even though it is an problem that rankles fans seeking to amass an all-encompassing collection, it is understandable that the new games, which are in a new, completely-3D engine. Masuda also not too long ago mentioned that it requires 3 months to get just 1 Pokemon into the new game.

Elsewhere in the interview, Masuda impressed the value of forging a lot more intimate connections with your Pokemon. 

‘We are often seeking at for the future is what we can do to make the most intriguing game attainable and make a a lot more enjoyable, richer knowledge for the fans,’ Masuda mentioned. ‘For instance, when we add new moves and skills we produce a deeper knowledge for everybody to love. This time about we can also give men and women a higher attachment to the Pokemon that are in the game, which is one thing we assume is extremely essential.’


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