Payday two developer Overkill is operating on a ‘mix of paid and free’ DLC


Overkill has returned to Payday two and will be delivering a ‘mix of paid and free’ DLC for the classic co-op heist shooter. 

Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark broke the news in an announcement on the game’s official Steam web page. In an explanation titled ‘Winds of Change’, he referenced the monetary troubles that the publisher and its subsidiaries have suffered more than the previous couple of years. ‘If you appear at a enterprise as a effectively-oiled machine each and every cog in the engine is a lot more crucial than I. I’m just right here to make certain everything’s clean, oiled, and operating smoothly. My job is to make an atmosphere exactly where the group can concentrate on what’s crucial, the game(s),’ Nermark mentioned. The turbulence that the enterprise has weathered has sparked Starbreeze to transform its outlook on its current properties. 

‘Having reconsidered our future, I’ve asked the Overkill crew to resume production on Payday two. The game will have a lot more updates going forward, each paid and no cost,’ Nermark announced. This selection has negated an assurance Starbreeze produced about the future of Payday two, and the CEO acknowledged this. He mentioned the publisher believed that interest in Payday two would wane, even soon after six years of DLC updates, and the Payday two Ultimate Edition served as a complete bundle to satisfy stalwart players and newcomers. 

‘We’re breaking the Ultimate Edition guarantee of forever-no cost-content material. The reasoning for this is plain and basic,’ he explained. ‘We want to move forward and make a lot more of Payday two, and to do so we need to have your assistance to continue creating content material. New DLCs will be a mix of paid and no cost updates.’ In addition, the Ultimate Edition of the game will be removed in favour of the new Legacy Collection. This incorporates Payday two and all of its DLC – excluding the h3h3 pack – and will be discounted dependent upon how considerably of the collection players personal.

Players will also have the potential to obtain DLC individually if they like, as just before it was placed in a bundle. Nermark has mentioned that the group is ‘working really hard to provide the subsequent Payday two update and will present it in all its glory, beginning quickly.’ With regards to Payday three, Starbreeze is targeting a release window of 2022 or 2023, as revealed in a press release on the company’s estimated earnings for the subsequent 4 years. 


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