It appears like EA is coming back to Steam •


Eight years just after launching Origin, EA is about to return to Steam.

EA tweeted a clip of a cup with steam coming out of it. I see what you did there, EA!

The tweet comes a couple of days just after Twitter user @RobotBrush found a test application for operating Origin games on Steam. The suggestion is EA will let people today acquire and run its games by way of Valve’s rival Computer platform, but you are going to nonetheless have to have to use the Origin launcher.

EA launched Origin back in the summer season of 2011 and triggered very the kerfuffle as it subsequently pulled Crysis two from Steam and then did not release Battlefield three there. Considering the fact that then, each initial-celebration game EA has published on Computer is exclusive to Origin.

If EA is returning to Steam, we could see the likes of FIFA and Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order sold there. Or possibly Steam customers will get some legacy EA titles, such as Mass Impact three and Dragon Age two.

Watch this space!


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