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Initially posted by cybred:

honestly i enjoy this game but shopping for the dlc for 40 bucks? no I am patient ill wait till it expense 10 buck or free of charge! 40 dollars for the DLC nah rather acquire the subsequent doom game invest the further 20 or some amazing indie games if i want my income worth. for these who acquire it 40 bucks love and pleased hunting.

The game’s new Expansion Iceborne is far more than effectively worth your income. Not only do we have just as numerous monsters in base game, but there is two or so far more monsters on the way. And even then, the expansion as is, primarily based on what I’ve observed, wonderful. Hell, I personally enjoy the game and am so entranced by the DLC, I’ve pre ordered the Deluxe. But the worth of it is completely from your view, and I can only hope to see you in IB at a later date my boy.


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