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Operation Headhunter is the initial Unique Ops (Spec Ops) mission in Contact of Duty: Modern day Warfare. Your aim is to infiltrate, expose, and eradicate the terrorist network of Almalik- AQ’s slumlord-in-chief. Even so, it is not just as uncomplicated as operating up to him and taking him out.

Beneath are the tasks you have to full to beat this mission:

  • Capture AQ lieutenants (six)
  • Hack and disable the Scramblers (five)
  • Shoot down enemy helicopter
  • Escape

Very first, you have to capture the different AQ Lieutenants about the region. There are six in total, followed by 5 Scramblers you have to hack and disable, along with endless waves of enemies on foot, Juggernauts, and autos. You are going to want to coordinate with your group and practice.

It really is also a excellent notion to be mindful of your loadout just before beginning Spec Ops. Considering that the region is huge, you will be engaging in a lot of lengthy-ranged battles, so obtaining an assault rifle or LMG will do wonders. Likewise, using the Overkill perk will assist you, also.

These missions are particularly tricky, but as lengthy as 1 player stays alive, the rest of the group will ultimately respawn. With that in thoughts, if you are obtaining difficulty, you can designate a person to hang back and act as a spawn beacon. If you die, you will respawn just after 1 minute by parachuting from a plane. You can land on top rated of the stadium, which is a protected spot from enemies.

Capture AQ Lieutenants[edit]

From the start out, descend down the rope and head outdoors. You are going to come across a 4-wheeler you can drive to your initial objective. Head to the creating with the initial AQ Lieutenant and go about the side of the creating, via a window.

Take him out, grab the drive, and choose up any products along the way. Appear out for Cluster Strikes and other aerial attacks, due to the fact you will will need them to take out the Juggernauts.

When you are completed, move to the subsequent Lieutenant. Make certain you take out all the enemies on the way. After you get to the subsequent place, have two of your teammates go via the front door of the bar, and the other two go via the back.

Take out the enemies right here and head upstairs to defeat the subsequent AQ Lieutenant. At this point, grab the drive and get prepared for a further set of Lieutenants. They are each nearby.

One particular of them is on the decrease level in 1 of the compact buildings, even though the other is in the bigger creating towards the back. When you are prepared to take on the 1 in the creating, head inside and to the left, exactly where you will come to some stairs. Do not go up them. As an alternative, move off to the back left corner of this space and choose the enemies off as they come down. One particular of the Lieutenants is a suicide bomber and he has two buddies with him, as effectively.

Soon after you take them out and grab the drive, you will be prepared for the final two. Head outdoors and once again, be on the lookout for products. They will genuinely come in handy later on. In reality, make certain your complete group grabs helpful products like the Cruise Missile.

At the subsequent place, you will have to fight a Juggernaut, so hopefully you have picked up a thing you can use on him. Otherwise, fill him complete of lead and do not overlook to choose up the drive.

Then, go inside the nearby creating to take out the final Lieutenant. After you have captured all six, you will be prompted to get to the stadium. Use the nearby 4-wheelers to do so.

Hack and Disable the Scramblers[edit]

Here’s exactly where items get hard. The aim is to make your way about the stadium, hacking and destroying the Scramblers. You are going to have to fend off a lot of enemies in the course of action. Now may be a excellent time to have a buddy die and land on the roof of the stadium to act as a spawn beacon.


You are going to have to interact with the Scrambler and then wait nearby even though the bar fills. The additional teammates nearby, the quicker it will fill up, so attempt and collect about when you are hacking. Soon after you hack it effectively, you will will need to destroy it. The initial 1 is not also terrible considering the fact that there is lots of cover nearby.

After you take the initial 1 out, make a sprint for the second 1 as quick as you can. If you have a person on the roof, they can take out numerous of the nearby enemies even though you make your way to the subsequent Scrambler.


The second 1 is drastically tougher, considering the fact that you have to take out a Juggernaut to get to it. Now’s a terrific time to use a Cruise Missile or a thing comparable to take him out.

Head down and hide proper subsequent to the Scrambler as you hack it. Make certain you have got teammates nearby for backup. After you have destroyed it, meticulously make your way to the subsequent 1. It really is genuinely uncomplicated to get tripped up on this portion considering the fact that you will be operating out in the open. Attempt your ideal to get back to the stadium exactly where there is lots of cover.

From right here, preserve generating your way about and be certain to stock up on ammo if probable. This subsequent Scrambler is genuinely hard. You are going to come across a couple of RPGs nearby, so have a person grab 1 due to the fact you will will need it for later.


Hack the subsequent Scrambler and be cautious of the Juggernaut that spawns ahead. If a person on the group has a Cruise Missile or a comparable item, now’s a excellent time to use it.

Subsequent comes the genuinely difficult portion. Soon after you disable the Scrambler, you will be faced with quite a few tanks to destroy. You are going to have access to a Gunship, which will be particularly helpful for taking the tanks out.

It really is probable to destroy all of them with the gunship, but if you miss 1, use the nearby RPGs to take out the rest. You can use a Cluster Strike right here, but keep in mind, you will will need products like these later on, so be mindful.


Soon after you take them all out, you will be prepared for the subsequent 1, which is hard, but at least you will not have to deal with tanks. This Scrambler is down in the parking lot, so there is lots of cover for you. And if items get rough, there is a nearby parking garage ramp that leads down tot he proper of the Scrambler exactly where you can hide.

Hack the Scrambler, and use the nearby automobiles for cover. It can be hard considering the fact that there are so numerous probable directions an enemy can come from. Once more, if you have your complete group nearby, the hacking course of action really should go rapidly.


For the final 1, you will want to give it almost everything you have got. Not only will you have quite small cover, but you will also be bombarded with smoke and several Juggernauts. If you have a person on the roof, proper now is a great time to get in touch with in a Cruise Missile or a thing comparable.

You are going to also want to watch out for additional suicide bombers, like from just before. It genuinely is not advisable to merely sit close to the Scrambler and unload on the Juggernauts with normal ammo. Rockets, particular weapons, grenades, or any other sort of explosion will assist tremendously right here.

Shoot Down the Enemy Helicopter[edit]

You are going to then have to take out a helicopter. If you have Cruise Missiles or a thing comparable use it now. Otherwise, grab an LMG or the Jokr to take out the chopper. After you take it out, you will be in a position to extract by means of a helicopter of your personal. That is it for the initial Spec Ops mission!

The crucial to this level is to stick with your group and have a person keep on the roof as backup, just in case. These levels can be genuinely low-priced, so cheesing the spawning method is the way to go.


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