Face Your Fears in Anthem’s Season of Skulls


The planet of Anthem is filled with dangers – each recognized and unknown – lurking in every single shadowed corner and about every single bend. So when a mysterious fog creeps via the jungle and strange sounds are heard in the distance, you’d count on the residents of Bastion to cower behind the tall, protective walls of Fort Tarsis. As an alternative, they rise up and face the darkness – and a pick couple of don their javelin exo-suits to fly straight into its path. Will you join their ranks? If so, study on and uncover what awaits you in the new Season of Skulls!

What is the Season of Skulls?

This themed, season-extended occasion offers players a possibility to face one of a kind challenges and claim amazing rewards. Fort Tarsis will be decorated with the huge skulls of some of Bastion’s most fearsome beasts and lit with substantial celebratory bonfires. What else can you discover inside the fort’s walls? Devote a small time exploring and you might uncover some intriguing secrets about the season!

Anthem - Season of Skulls

Dangers and Rewards

When you are prepared to suit up and head out into the misty jungle, you can opt for to take on challenging arenas or mysterious Anomalies to obtain points, the season’s Crystal in-game currency, and a wide variety of rewards. To commence your adventure opt for either the “Season of Skulls” alternative on the Game Modes menu to commence a timed arena run or “Freeplay” (if it is been unlocked) to face faction-themed (Arcanist, Freelancer, or Sentinel) Anomalies.

Arenas demand a excellent technique to genuinely master, particularly if you want to maximize your score. Greater scores imply a location on worldwide leaderboards – exactly where you can show off to your fellow Freelancers – and much more Crystals to commit on War Chests and other products at the seasonal shop (Herschel’s Hut).

Anthem - Season of Skulls

Arenas are also topic to Inversions, modifiers applied by the game every single week that transform how you play. One particular week your weapons could do twice as a great deal harm, or choosing up ammo may raise your shields. Inversions are meant to transform the way you play, rewarding various gameplay types, but they will not eventually effect your score.

Anomalies will give you a possibility to unlock challenging “boss” events that will transform weekly and give up some of the greatest rewards. Finishing weekly and seasonal challenges will let you get your hands on this season’s brand-new armor packs and vinyls. And improved Legendary drop prices combined with the chance to acquire a Legendary-only War Chest suggests much more possibilities to safe the gear you definitely want.

Anthem - Season of Skulls

How to Commence

Whilst there are not any level specifications for playing the Season of Skulls content material, you will have to have to comprehensive the “Incursion” story to obtain access to the “Echoes of Reality” level and unlock “Freeplay” (the mode exactly where you can freely roam via the planet of Anthem). Just after that, you will be prepared to join in the adventure (and rewards) of this difficult new season. So suit up and join the fight, Freelancer!

Anthem is now offered on Xbox One particular by way of the Microsoft Retailer. Click right here for acquire specifics.


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