Drink Mountain Dew & Get 2XP In CoD: Modern day Warfare


The countdown to Contact of Duty: Modern day Warfare has officially begun as we’re now just a matter of hours away from the game’s launch. While it is challenging to think that anybody hunting to preorder the game may possibly not have currently completed so, it appears Walmart is hoping that is the case.

Credit: Activision

Providing up a new final-minute preorder bonus, Walmart is now providing 3 hours of 2XP for Modern day Warfare when you pre-order the normal game. The deal is accessible for each Xbox One particular and PlayStation four. It is not a negative bonus per se, but it is not a enormous increase. It is also a strange a single to have revealed just two days just before the game’s release, but there you go. Thanks, Walmart, I guess?

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What’s a lot more intriguing is the second promotion the retailer is operating. The Walmart web-site writes that buying at their retailer even if you do not obtain the game there can net you some bonuses as well.

Credit: Walmart

As stated on the web-site, if you acquire pick products from a Walmart retailer (appears like Doritos, Mountain Dew, or Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel to name a couple of) then you will get a code.

Enter the code on the Mountain Dew web-site and “unlock 2XP with each and every code entered.” There’s also the chance to win 2XP for a year, and let’s face it, you had been gonna obtain Doritos and Mountain Dew anyway.

Credit: Activision

The hype for CoD MW is a lot more genuine than ever, particularly given that Activision has once again confirmed that there will not be a loot box method. As an alternative the game will have a new Battle Pass method.

Activision writes: “All functional content material that has an effect on game balance, such as base weapons and attachments, can be unlocked just by playing the game.

Credit: Activision

“The new Battle Pass method will permit players to see the content material that they are earning or getting.  Battle Passes will launch timed to new, post-launch reside seasons, so you can unlock cool new Modern day Warfare-themed content material that matches every season.”

Contact of Duty: Modern day Warfare will be accessible on PS4, Xbox One particular, and Computer from October 25.

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