2K has promised to repair the hilariously busted WWE 2K20


At this point it is nicely established that WWE 2K20 is an astonishingly broken pile of man-meat and rifts in space-time, and although that tends to make for a lot of entertaining comedy content material for social media, it is significantly less funny for the people who have shelled income out to truly, you know, play a wrestling game. Publisher 2K has heard the cries of the wrestling broken-hearted, and has committed to a fix. Properly, a series of fixes.

Verify this out, mainly because the corporation has selected an exciting wording to describe this ongoing disaster.

“We are listening closely to the feedback that is been shared relating to WWE 2K20 and are conscious of the issues some players are reporting,” 2K says.

‘Some players’ are ‘concerned’ about WWE 2K20! Probably a thing is incorrect.

“We’re operating difficult to investigate these issues and address them as needed,” 2K continues in the tweet from the official account. “We count on to have an initial patch prepared in the subsequent two weeks, with other individuals to adhere to.”
In other words, 2K does comprehend that the ‘concerns’ players have raised constitute some significant difficulties, which are going to take a lot of function to right.


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