Remake is Coming to Steam


Computer players can take to the skies this Winter.

Initially announced for Nintendo Switch, Panzeer Dragoon: Remake will also be heading to Steam this Winter. The title is presently out there for Computer players to wishlist. If you have been hankering to encounter the classic but do not have a Switch, this need to be a decent option.

Initially created by Sega, Panzer Dragoon sees two dragons waking on a planet far away. With the potential to ride one particular of the dragons and use a gun to fight off foes, your mission is to cease the Prototype Dragon from reaching the Tower. Panzer Dragoon presents seven diverse levels to traverse and enemies like battleships and huge sandworms.

The gameplay is relatively on rails but players will be assaulted from just about every path. You can rotate 360 degrees and lock-on to foes, earning higher scores in the approach. Panzer Dragoon: Remake promises enhanced controls and visuals, and as a result far appears promising. The sequel, Panzer Dragoon two Zwei, is also getting remade but we’ve however to see it. Keep tuned for far more specifics in the coming months.


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