Naughty Dog Confirms The Final Of Us Component two Has Been Delayed


EDIT: Given that the time of writing, Naughty Dog and Sony have confirmed that The Final of Us Component two has officially been delayed.

In a weblog post, the game’s Neil Druckmann shared: “It was just about a month ago when we had our major blowout for the game, letting media play more than two hours of it along with debuting our new story trailer and revealing the release date. The optimistic response we saw from our neighborhood was overwhelming. You can really feel the power amongst the group members. Following operating on a thing for so numerous years, it is invigorating to get a glimpse of validation for all the difficult operate.

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“However, it was for the duration of the final couple of weeks, as we had been closing out sections of the game, that we realized we basically didn’t have sufficient time to bring the complete game up to a level of polish we would get in touch with Naughty Dog good quality. At this point we had been faced with two solutions: compromise components of the game or get a lot more time. We went with the latter, and this new release date permits us to finish every thing to our level of satisfaction although also lowering pressure on the group.

“While we’re relieved that we will not have to compromise our vision, we’re disappointed that we weren’t in a position to stay away from this precise predicament. We want we could’ve foreseen the quantity of polish we necessary, but the size and scope of this game got the superior of us. We hate disappointing our fans and for that we’re sorry.”

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Original story as follows:

It is rumoured that The Final of Us Component two will be delayed by Naughty Dog, regardless of the business providing the game a release date just this month.

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The rumour comes from numerous business insiders and has because been reported by Kotaku, with a Sony announcement believed to be coming anytime quickly.

Naughty Dog has previously delayed its other heavy-hitting titles: Uncharted four and The Final of Us.

The Final of Us Component two was planned to launch exclusively on PlayStation four, February 21st, 2020.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Much more to comply with as it comes, but let me go cry into a pillow initial.

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