Inside Star Citizen shows off its procedurally generated space stations and meals courts


In order to populate the universe of Star Citizen with several rest stops and space stations, the devs are going to have to place collectively some procedural generators to expedite the course of action. In this week’s Inside Star Citizen video digest, we got a closer appear at that generation technique in action, which manages every thing from basic station layouts to meals court creation. Yes, they added a segment on meals court creation.

Although that undoubtedly appears erroneous on the surface, the meals court segment does deliver a deeper appear at how every station can be individually adjusted, with a selection of types, decor sets, and even restaurant areas. Although the generator is random, it is also a “controlled randomness” to make positive acceptable storefronts are added in. Fans will also notice that the meals court storefronts are additional open as an alternative of hiding behind a sliding door like these in Port Olisar or Lorville.

The video also supplied a appear at a new annunciator panel for ships that delivers true-time info about several ship systems like heat, enemy missile lock, proximity warnings, and quantum drive failure. Particular ships will have these annunciator panels installed, even though info on which ones will have this new element wasn’t detailed. What we do know is that these new panels and meals courts are due for alpha three.eight.

Lastly, the video closes by stating that the subsequent couple of episodes of Inside Star Citizen may well be a small dodgy to assure as well substantially is not revealed ahead of CitizenCon, and a new No cost Fly occasion is due to arrive quickly to celebrate alpha three.7’s launch.


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