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Dementophobia: Prologue drops you into a single of the rooms of the facility and you should discover a way out just before insanity kicks in. Balance your sanity meter, battery life and the Overseer’s remarks, and escape the facility just before the facility swallows you entire.

Hold in thoughts: The darkness hinders your sanity, your flashlight assists ease the tension. Be weary, some evens will hurt your sanity as effectively!


  • WASD = Movement
  • E = Interact/Skip Cutscenes
  • C = Crouch
  • F = Flashlight
  • B = Reload Battery
  • Space = Jump
  • ESC = Pause Menu

About FCS

A French-Canadian Studios is a new indie game improvement situated in Quebec, Canada. Dementophobia, and the prologue, is the initial game produced by Jonathan Fournier. I’m a solo developer three months in building games.  Dementophobia: Prologue took me three months to create the game from conception, mastering Unity and Blender,  coding, 3D modeling, level style and so on. Dementophobia: Prologue requires spot just before the complete game Dementophobia which is in improvement, and will take the idea of the prologue and expand on it.  Thank you for your help and if you’d like to assistance improvement, verify out the social media hyperlinks and techniques to donate.

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Web-site


Patreon, PayPal

* MAC version of Dementophobia: Prologue is untested considering that I do not have a MAC.

Ver. 1..: Initial Release.

Ver. 1..1: Minor Script Adjustment (A single of the puzzles had a bypass)

Ver 1..two: UI Adjustments (Battery UI was messed up for some)


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