Camdon Turned me Into A Vampire Aspect 2—Into the Vampire-Verse


Final month I began my detailed playthrough of Thousand Year Old Vampire by Tim Hutchings, provided to me by that notable siren of vampiric energy, my fellow Gnome (and all-about great particular person), Camdon Wright. This time about, I’m going to play via a couple of of the prompts, and we’ll see exactly where Jorgrimr, son of Julfr, a Norse mercenary who helped the Grand Prince of Kiev solidify his holdings, ends up. However, The Black Wolf, a strange supernatural creature, attacked Jorgrimr.

How the Prompts Perform

I touched on this final time about, but after the character has been developed, you play via the prompts in the game by rolling a d10 and a d6, subtracting the d6 from the d10. If you land on the similar prompt far more than after, there are 3 prompts for that entry, normally tied collectively and representing that plot thread becoming far more intense.

Numerous prompts will have you verify off or strike via a talent or resource, and for every single prompt, you make a new Expertise, which means at some point you need to have to drop a Memory to include far more of your Experiences. You can make a journal to hold a memory, but you do not essentially recall it at that point, you can just reference points that occurred to you that you can no longer recall.

Some prompts will give you far more expertise or sources as you go along, and some prompts will have you introduce far more mortals or immortals into your story.

Content material Warning

I’m not going into as well several facts in this series of articles, but there are going to be some descriptions of violence relating to the prompts, so if the type of violence you may well count on in a vampire story may well be an problem for you, you could not want to maintain going.

Prompt #1

This prompt told me that I have withdrawn from society, seeking for a location to hide, establishing a feeding pattern, and gaining a Resource reflecting my new shelter.

I have decided that Jorgrimr does not want his mercenaries or Anichka to see him like this, specially now that his fangs are permanent. Jorgrimr decides to take more than Konstantin’s estate and feeds on his soldiers—it’s not a valiant death in battle, but they deserve it for serving Konstantin. Konstantin has several other residences, so he hasn’t noticed Jorgrimr taking this one particular more than however.

Prompt #two

This prompt is directing me to generate an additional immortal character, drop a Resource, and achieve a talent, and is asking me what I lost to the new immortal character.

Otgar was an additional of the Varangian mercenaries brought to this land by the Prince. He was abandoned by Konstantin and left to die, but The Black Wolf also discovered Otgar. Otgar maintained manage more than his guys and assaulted Konstantin’s estate. The Varangian mercenaries saw my accurate nature, and I marked out The Goodwill of other Varangian Mercenaries as a Resource.

Jorgrimr at some point managed to drive Otgar away from the estate, and I add a new talent, Fighting Other Vampires, to my list of expertise.

Prompt #three

This prompt is directing me to generate an benefit more than an additional immortal character, taking some thing from them to turn into a mysterious resource, and striking out a memory to convert that memory into a talent.

Jorgrimr forgets about the warm thoughts of camaraderie among the mercenary organizations, and his hardening heart learns the talent Controlling Other folks. Mainly because Jorgrimr is not delighted about how vulnerable he felt, he searches out The Black Wolf, and though he does not obtain it, he finds a cave and locates The Black Wolf’s Heart, which does not reside in the creature’s physique.

Prompt #four

This prompt tells me that I create a method for feeding, and asks me to identify what occurs to these who die, and tells me to generate a talent to reflect this.

Jorgrimr nevertheless desires to really feel human. He does not want to be a predator. He limits his feeding to the soldiers that patrol close to the estate, and he sets up ambushes exactly where he can engage them. I begin two mass graves close to the back of the estate filled with heads and headless bodies. I choose up the talent Ambush from this prompt.

Prompt #five

This prompt tells me to introduce a new immortal character, move to a new place, drop any place-primarily based sources, and choose a new name when I move. 

Konstantin finds out that he lost manage of his estate, right after he returns property from an extended trip for the final couple of years. Konstantin reaches out to the Unholy Man of the Woods, a sorcerer with a foul reputation in the region. The Unholy Man of the Woods subverts curses and requires manage of the cursed, and Jorgrimr flees the estate and moves rather than turn into a thrall.

Jorgrimr adopts the name Wolfhart when he relocates to Naumberg, Germany.

Prompt #six

The subsequent prompt directs me to generate a new immortal character and tells me that I achieve a new Mark, and that I played a trick on this new immortal character.

Jorgrimr runs into the alchemist Karina Strosshammer. She retains eternal youth by administering her philosopher’s stone on the living to draw out their life force. I permit Karina to try to draw out my life force, realizing that I have no life to steal.

Karina gains permanent immortality. She is not a vampire, but an undead abomination that no longer ages, and she is quite angry to have lost the warm glow of life. The philosopher’s stone turns my eyes red permanently.

Prompt #7

Two mortals come into conflict, and I can achieve a Resource from exploiting that conflict.

It has been more than a decade considering the fact that Jorgrimr was turned. He desires to know what has turn into of Anichka and his buddy Ranssi. He finds out that they are quarreling more than his estate. He sends word to them that he was secretly exiled for a crime he did not commit, and that it was all the fault of Konstantin.

It pains Jorgrimr that Anichka was worried about material achieve, since Jorgrimr has lost sight of the truth that she requires that material wealth to survive. Jorgrimr has Ranssi sell off his assets and send them to Wolfhart in Germany, and he establishes a new estate.

Prompt #eight

The prompt tells me that an immortal character ends up becoming far more than they initially seemed, and that I need to have to verify a talent or else drop a Resource or a Memory, but that the occasion also makes it possible for me to achieve a Resource or a Ability.

Jorgrimr travels to obtain out far more about The Black Wolf. He does not enter into Konstantin’s sphere of influence, but he finds out, though traveling in Eastern Europe, that The Black Wolf is the kid of the god Czernobog. He finds a vial of the Blood of Czernobog. Jorgrimr utilizes the talent Enduring Hardships on the Road to make this journey of discovery.

Prompt #9

This prompt tells me that society has been drastically altering due to the meddling of immortals, and asks that I identify who rewards, what sources I drop, and tells me to achieve a Resource, a Ability, or a Mark.

It has been an additional 5 years, and the Unholy Man of the Woods has been on Wolfhart’s trail. They initiate a shadow war, as Wolfhart utilizes the Heart of the Black Wolf to force the creature to engage the Unholy Man, and Jorgrimr manipulates his old allies, these that are nevertheless alive and in the area, to oppose Konstantin’s forces. The mercenaries die, and the countryside is terrified of the unholy creatures ravaging their residences at evening.

Karina Strosshammer rises drastically in energy, as she collects the bodies and captures the rogue spirits set loose in the shadow war.

Prompt #10

This prompt tells me that there has been a main shift in how trade functions, and that it somehow functions to my benefit. I need to have to verify a talent and generate a talent-primarily based on a memory.

Karina Strosshammer has developed steam-powered conveyances that can move goods effectively across the continent, revolutionizing trade. Although Wolfhart is no ally to Karina, he utilizes his capability of Being aware of What Company Partners to Trust to set up his personal shipping business, and acquires the talent of Shipping Magnate.

Prompt #11

This prompt tells me that I’m outdoors when the sun is increasing, and I need to have to generate a mortal kid character, and to generate an knowledge that reflects the humanizing effects of this meeting.

Anichka is acquiring older. Wolfhart desires to see her ahead of she is gone. He travels back to Kiev, but he is not becoming cautious, and the sun comes up. Kisaiya, a kid that is portion of a traveling caravan, requires Wolfhart in, and tells her family members that Wolfhart is ailing.

The family members cares for Wolfhart, gives him meals, drink, and business, and he feels far more human than he has felt in decades.

Prompt #12

This prompt tells me that I have mastered a new science or field of know-how, and that my vampire nature provides me unique insight to master these research, and I can make a talent primarily based on a memory.

Wolfhart visits Kisaiya for the subsequent couple of years, as she is developing up, and he finds out that she has a strange illness of the blood. Wolfhart utilizes some of his blood, and the Blood of Czernobog, to generate an elixir of overall health that soothes these with blood illnesses, and Kisaiya recovers.

Wolfhart gains the talent Alchemical Doctor.

The Initially Handful of Decades of Immortality

 It happens to me that right after playing via this, I may well have a great framework for an urban fantasy or horror campaign, with various notable NPCs and planet events to construct on. 

I am possessing a lot of enjoyable playing via these prompts. I specially like that I’m not just defining my story, but various prompts are widening what the planet appears like as far more characters and events are introduced.

It happens to me that right after playing via this, I may well have a great framework for an urban fantasy or horror campaign, with various notable NPCs and planet events to construct on. Mainly because the prompts do not explicitly mention the precise passage of time, it has also been intriguing acquiring an concept of how extended it is among these prompts.

What the Future Holds

If you have any concerns about the course of action so far, please let me know in the comments beneath. It is a fascinating ongoing course of action to attempt to get into the head of Jorgrimr/Wolfhart and consider the way he would consider as history unfolds.

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