Borderlands 3’s Blood Harvest occasion begins right now


As the sci-fi shooter’s initially foray into seasonal content material launches right now, the studio talks its method to their creation

Hey Vault Hunters! Beginning right now, Bloody Harvest – Borderlands 3’s initially Occasion with a capital “E” – is offered for absolutely free to all players, and with it comes a new boss, new map, new Terror gameplay mechanic, new Legendary weapon, and far more! Verify out the trailer above for a speedy appear at what’s in retailer.

Now that Bloody Harvest is right here, we wanted to take this chance to speak not just about Bloody Harvest but also about Gearbox’s execution of “Event” content material as a entire, given that prior to Borderlands three, Events weren’t one thing Gearbox had ever accomplished as a studio.

To get started, let’s define what Events essentially are. In a nutshell, Events are repeatable missions that place a twist on combat all through the entirety of the game (in Bloody Harvest’s case, the introduction of Haunted enemies scattered by way of the galaxy) and ultimately reward access to an Occasion Map and Boss.

Events include cosmetics unlockable through Occasion Challenges, a new set of special gear, and Anointed weapon components that are only offered for the duration of every single Occasion. Soon after the Occasion, these things turn into unattainable, although any gear or cosmetics earned by players stay in their inventories.

From the starting

We came up with the earliest notion of what became Events nearly two years ago in December 2017. At the time, we had 3 major targets:

  • Leverage the suggestions behind the Headhunter Packs of Borderlands and Borderlands two but give them a contemporary twist with absolutely free, cyclical, and re-usable content material releases.
  • Make a layer of content material on leading of the standard game rather than a singular, separate Headhunter level.
  • Implement a robust reward method with restricted time loot and Occasion Challenges.
Borderlands 3 - Bloody Harvest on PS4Borderlands 3 - Bloody Harvest on PS4


In the pretty initially pitch for Events, we anticipated players to get started a new character. Events would have released bi-month-to-month, and we have been even contemplating leaderboards. I’m a large fan of games like Path of Exile, Warframe, Planet of Warcraft, and Diablo three, and the way they manage post-launch content material inspired me in distinct approaches. Path of Exile has an immovable release schedule and Challenge Leagues Warframe has amazing scheduled and reusable content material and WoW and Diablo three do wonderful seasonal bits.

We necessary to boil these several bits down, place our personal spin on them, and turn it all into one thing that would function for Borderlands three.

More than time, player characters became one thing we wanted players to stick with, rather than encouraging players to make new ones. It turned out leaderboards do not function without having committed servers since it is quick to fake/cheat your way to the leading. A bimonthly release schedule is far more or significantly less untenable. Et cetera. But the items that stuck about have been: restricted-time loot, Occasion Challenges, and the concept that we could influence the entirety of Borderlands’ combat without having breaking the entire damn game.

On to phase two

When we had a program in spot, we then had to figure out how to bring it to life in-game. As Borderlands 3’s initially post-release content material, Events encountered a host of challenges due to the truth that our content material would be the initially to release following the launch of the game. We discovered options, but eventually, there was a single pretty robust piece of tech that offered the backbone of how Events function.

This element gets a bit technical, but basically: we ended up piggy-backing off of the game’s streaming method since Jasper Foreman, the coder who wrote the Spawn Program, was simultaneously in a position to make a big element we necessary for Events. Thanks to his function, we gained the capacity to influence something that spawns or dies across the complete game. This was a large win for style. In the finish, a single reasonably compact piece of blueprint handles the entirety of the planet mechanic (i.e. what players see in the standard game with Haunted enemies in the Bloody Harvest occasion).

With this tech in spot, we had what we necessary not only for Bloody Harvest but for Events content material in common. So naturally, we have plans for far more Events and, far more importantly, plans for branching out from holidays (although we will entirely do these as well). We get to be definitely inventive about what we are adding in the future, and that is entertaining – since when we have entertaining producing stuff, players have entertaining. That is how Borderlands gets produced. We will ultimately get back to items like Mercenary Day, but for now, take pleasure in Bloody Harvest and thanks for the continued assistance!


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