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An update on the Taco bell: The double Chalupa box was quite superior. That Diablo sauce is tasty. Generally the Chalupa has a lot of liquid gold (er, I imply some thing that appears and tastes like melted cheese… but it can not be cheese considering the fact that cheese can not exist in a permanently melted state like that at area temperature) and “beef” (hopefully absolutely free of metals, considering the fact that it was not too long ago recalled for that explanation). And I enjoyed drinking the Baja Blast Mountain Dew, I haven’t had that in ages. It also came with cinammon twists, which I’ve never ever had prior to, and they had been way also sweet.

All round, quite scrumptious. Staying away from taco bell for a handful of years tends to make the heart develop fonder (and hopefully healthier).

(Oh yeah, and I didn’t win an Xbox 1 X. And I didn’t get an e mail from them but about the UGP code).


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