‘Tangle Tower’ Investigates a Painting That is Suspected of Murder


Freya Fellow has been murdered. And you have got a suspect, so you can in all probability wrap all of this up in a hurry. Except the suspect’s a painting. Which type of puts a kink in your investigation.

Mystery adventure game Tangle Tower will have you searching into this strange murder, searching for proof all through a peculiar developing as you struggle to figure out what actually occurred at the crime scene. Hopefully, some of the oddball people hanging about the tower know some thing about what went down. And even if they do not, you can often place your personal puzzle-solving capabilities to perform on the proof and clues you obtain in the halls to see if you can come up with some thing on your personal.

It might be simple to shed your self in the gloomy beauty of it all as you seek the killer. The game is filled with striking locations and vibrant, colorful characters that are exciting just to appear at. The visuals on the characters are specifically attractive, with the animations providing them a excellent deal of character and assisting you to get a really feel for who they are. It is a beautiful style that tends to make the characters’ smugness, cunning, and duplicity stand out all the much more, supplying a excellent gallery of possible suspects for you to mull more than.

Tangle Tower aims to present a difficult mystery to unravel, and a excellent group of possible villains for you to perform via as you hone in on who committed the crime.

Tangle Tower is readily available now on the Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, and Steam.


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