Skullgirls, the Beautiful Mobile Fighter, Just Got Actual-time On the internet Multiplayer on Android


Skullgirls fans have purpose to rejoice these days, as their favourite mobile fighter has just received the lengthy-anticipated true-time multiplayer update. That is ideal, you can now play against your mates on line in true-time.

That is not all although. Developer Autumn Games is naturally in a generous mood, as there are more than 10 new fighters to play as also. All of them are in the game ideal now.

Skullgirls Fans Get a Free of charge Particular Reward Just For Logging in

You will also get a cost-free specific present just for logging in for a restricted time to celebrate the update. There’s also a bunch of adjustments to move modifiers, the capacity to convert diamond fighters into essences, a master difficulty for Peacock’s origin story, loads of new login bonuses, and fight help for these just acquiring utilized to the expertise.

That is a complete lot of new content material to drop out of nowhere and alongside a flagship function. We’ll confident as heck download it ideal away to verify it out.

So head on more than to Google Play ideal now and grab the most recent Skullgirls update.


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