Norman Reedus asked to be offered a buff bod in Death Stranding


Hideo Kojima has claimed that Norman Reedus asked for larger muscle tissues for his character Sam Porter-Bridges in the upcoming trek ‘em up game, Death Stranding (by way of VG247). 

Death Stranding has a star-studded cast, with Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, Lindsay Wagner, and Léa Seydoux as properly as the Walking Dead actor lending their voices and likenesses to the game. There are some surprise appearances also comedian and speak show host Conan O’Brien revealed he has a cameo in the game as a cosplay enthusiast. He was invited to Kojima Productions when he was out filming Conan in Japan to see a sneak peek of Death Stranding in improvement.

Though watching a new Death Stranding trailer with Hideo Kojima, O’Brien joked that Sam Porter-Bridges ought to be a post-apocalyptic pizza delivery particular person. ‘This is the initial shower Norman Reedus has had in 3 years,’ he stated when shown the protected home. ‘I’m noticing there are several scenes exactly where Norman is naked. Was that Norman’s request?’

Kojima responded, ‘Norman’s request was to make him far more muscular.’ As amusing as this revelation is, I suppose it tends to make sense. To reestablish the Chiral Network and connect the ruins of the United States of America, Sam ought to make deliveries in between these destinations. But, no matter how muscly the man is, there is a limit to how substantially cargo Sam can carry and his gear will put on out more than the journey. 

Sam could normally steal a car or truck from the camps of enemies dotted in between right here and there, but they will not give that up devoid of a fight. Or, there’s an Active Skeleton upgrade that will let him run more rapidly and farther regardless of the heavy lifting, or he could use the Floating Carrier to carry deliveries behind him like a souped up trolley. It is achievable that Kojima was joking along with O’Brien, but either way, Reedus has lucked out with his brawny persona.

Death Stranding launches on November eight for the PlayStation four, and then for Computer at a later date. Watch the video of Conan O’Brien going to Kojima Productions beneath. 



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