Knight Game – Iron Blood, hack n slash rpg gorefest equivalent to Moonstone!


Hello folkz and welcome to the devlog-thread of our knight game Iron Blood! Beer!

Folks born in the 70s/80s may perhaps know the game Moonstone – A tough days knight.
Moonstone is a mix amongst hack n slash, rpg and method and was published in 1991 by mindscape, but initially created by Rob Anderson.

Sir Edward in a heated fight against a troll demon:

You, as a knight selected by the druids, have the job of acquiring the moonstones and bringing them back to Stonehenge. The gods will bestow a fabulous present to the greatest warrior in the land, a present of ultimate energy!

Any warrior contemplating such a quest have to be ready to wander the surrounding land, enduring lots of hardships, risking life and limb all the even though.

The worldmap of Moonstone – A tough days knight with it´s four territorys: The Misty Moors, The Wetlands, The Good Forest and The Northern Wastelands:

And right here comes Iron Blood into the game…
Knight game Iron Blood is not a remake of the amiga classic Moonstone, but extremely inspired by it.
We do not personal any rights on the original Moonstone game, Iron Blood is our personal intepretation of a modern day Moonstone game, with modern day graphics and an extended combat and loot method, with cool sounds and animations!

The legend of the cursed king…
As soon as upon a time, a king named Berwick ruled more than kingdom Raykath. Berwick was a king with no compassion. He ruled brutal and merciless and was popular for his greediness. The tax payments had been higher and the wages had been low. Even the smallest offenses had been punished with brutal torture strategies. Although king Berwick was properly, his folk mourned and starved to death. He did not care, due to the fact his greed for energy and wealth was happy.

Throughout his reign different factions attempted to bring the king down, unsuccessful. Poisons poisoned the incorrect ones and sword strokes did not hit. Although some groupings choose swords,axes and poison, the secret cult “Dark Eyes” dealt with magic. They created a curse to make the king sick and weak. Initially unsuccessful, it proved to be toxic and deadly more than the subsequent couple of years…

Berwick, for some inexplicable factors, became ill and weak, and was quickly dying. Some felt that the plague had seized him. Other people claimed that it was a punishment of god. Though he was doomed to death, he did not changed his greedy behavior and continued to seek energy and wealth. He was of the opinion that every thing material can be taken into the hereafter…

Soon after his death, heir to the throne Yorick, the only son of Berwick ruled more than Raykath. Yorick, referred to as the timid was compared to his father a reserved and shy young man. He did not want to take the lead, stepped into the background and engaged in other factors. He created other people determine significant choices.

Yorick the timid was shocked of his father´s dead. He was not certain why his father has develop into so groundless ill and died. For the reason that of his father’s inexplicable death, Yorick was convinced that his father’s treasure was cursed. He wanted to cede his inheritance and rule Raykath extra peacefully.

To distance himself from the curse, he hid the treasure in his father’s grave. The essential to the tomb Yorick hid in a secret location in Raykath.

Then he created a card containing the path to the essential, quartered the card and hid it in the most hazardous areas in Raykath.

“The a single who is brave and robust adequate to obtain the essential to my father’s treasure is stronger and extra resilient than any curse!” Yorick stated to his individuals!

The strange-sounding message got about speedily. Considering the fact that then, Raykath has been haunted by godless monsters, robbers, and dark knights who have only a single issue in thoughts: grabbing the treasure of the late king Berwick.

The descendents of the cult “Dark Eyes” had been not happy with the statement of Yorick. They think that the treasure belongs to them due to the fact they are accountable for the death of King Berwick. They kill any one who gets in their way.

In-game, Unreal Engine four render of the mountain territory:

-Melee combat action, played from a fixed sideview
-Realistic graphics with the assist of the unreal engine four
-Brutal battles with single- and multiplayer help
-Knight and weapon customization method
-Loot&ampShopping method
-Distinct lairs to battle in, unique places to energy up your knight (healer, tavern, merchant…)

Fields and meadows:

At the moment we are operating on the combat method of the game.
Right here you can take a appear at an early-stage battle amongst two knights, on line through steam servers, on our newest map, which requires areas in the woods (function in progress):

A significant improvement adventure is ahead of us. But i consider that we can master all of the tasks that are in front of us.
It will take time, but we are creating progress!

If you want to know extra about the amiga classic Moonstone – A tough days knight,
then have a appear at our weblog post about this great amiga classic:

Or take a look at a single of the largest fansites for Moonstone, the Moonstone Tavern and grab a beer just after a tough days knight  Beer!

The official Iron Blood web site is reachable beneath:

What do you consider so far about Iron Blood? What can you recommend?

Thank you,
Two-Man Army, Luis and Elvis

A single of the swords you can acquire or plunder in our knight game Iron Blood:


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