Just about two thirds of Hearts of Iron four players use mods


A enormous 64% of Hearts of Iron four players use mods, according to game director Dan Lind. This is the outcome of a conscious work by Lind to create a modding scene, and to maintain abreast of its requirements.

For me, HoI4 was the game where I wanted to have a super very good mod base. HoI3 by no means actually took off modding-sensible, and I actually wanted to modify that for HoI4 so we leaned a lot into it,” Lind tells us at PDX Con 2019. “And I assume we have 64% mod usage in the client base – I assume the closest [other Paradox game] to that is Europa Universalis four at about 40%, so it is a large deal.”

As is common of publisher-developer Paradox’s strategy to expanding its games, Hearts of Iron 4’s coming La Résistance DLC is substantially informed by neighborhood feedback – players have been asking for an espionage overhaul for some time now, for instance. Lind elaborates on what his group saw players asking for and how they approached it.


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