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Nicely, I reckon this has been the longest break amongst devlog updates so far. I’ve had two contract jobs on, one particular of which turned into a bit of a in no way-ending spiral with the client refusing to spend me unless I kept adding added functionality (for absolutely free). Shame, as it was sort of a good project otherwise. I have a bit of a rule about not functioning for startups which I broke for that one particular as I knew the individual involved and was interested in the idea.

I’ve also had a lot to do at a rental home I personal which necessary considerable TLC amongst tenants and which was constructed to a really shoddy common. Grinding out and re-carrying out grouting amongst floor tiles in the bathroom was a horrendous job – hope I in no way have to do that once more!

Anyway, you do not want to hear about that shit! The bulk of the perform on Jetboard Joust has been in finalising the major palettes for each and every of the 5 ‘worlds’ that comprise the game. I’m going to have 4 major palettes per globe, plus a bunch of ‘bonus’ palettes that can be unlocked by finishing particular levels.

I possibly need to have coded a tool to make this procedure a lot easier but I just couldn’t face it when the time I had readily available was really piecemeal, frequently half a day right here and there amongst contract perform and home upkeep! Consequently my functioning procedure was quite inefficient, fundamentally editing a massive PNG of all the palettes in Photoshop just before recompiling and operating the game to see how items looked.

There are ten colours per palette in the game and the following things can all have a distinctive palette applied (although in practice lots of share the very same palette)

– Player
– Enemies (3 sorts)
– Bosses
– Pickups
– Terrain
– Floor
– Background parallax (each layers)

To style the palettes I employed a mixture of reference material and inspiration from messing about with colour association making use of and a uncomplicated colour ramp generator.

The actual palettes themselves I’ll list under and detail the particular inspiration exactly where suitable. These are all in the order they seem in the vids.

Globe One particular
I wanted to get started the game with earthy, muted colours and then progress to far more vibrant colours as the user moves via the worlds, as properly as gradually introducing distinctive palettes for distinctive sprites. The very first palette is the slightly gameboy-ish one particular I’ve been making use of from day one particular and I progressively add far more subtle hues to this as we move on. There’s no particular inspiration for the palettes in this globe although I was searching a bit at army camouflage styles for the third palette right here which is presently named ‘Going Commando’.

Globe Two
Every single of these palettes had a distinctive inspiration, only two of them especially connected.

1. No Space To Scream
A very good ‘segue’ palette from the muted colours of globe one particular. This is inspired by the colour scheme for the branding of the original Alien film.

two. Deep Dive
Inspired by photographs of coral reefs. As the boss in this globe is a giant alien robot-fish this seemed suitable somehow.

three. Neon Flux
Inspired by neon-heavy nighttime shots of cities, especially Tokyo. Visually it has the really feel of getting a substantially far more saturated version of the earlier palette.

four. Aliens on Acid
Initially inspired by the ‘Alien’ colour scheme as was the very first palette, only with colours so saturated it nearly has an early arcade / ZX Spectrum really feel.

Globe 3
We go back to a slightly far more ‘muted’ really feel for these palettes, all of which have their inspiration from vintage styles.

1. Stan and Jack
Inspired by the cheaply printed colours of early comic books, especially the Marvel stuff.

two. Dead Red Revolution
Partly inspired by poster art from ‘Grindhouse’ style films (I have a substantial poster for ‘Death Proof’ on the wall of my studio) and partly by the artwork for Red Dead Redemption which has a comparable ‘vintage’ really feel.

three. Forbidden Fruit
Inspired by a poster for the 50s sci-fi classic ‘Forbidden Planet’ – I’m seriously pleased with this one particular.

four. Retro Apocalypse
Inspired by some cover art for a 50s or 60s pulp sci-fi novel. I am not convinced by this one particular. It sort of performs but some of the sprites just do not. Requirements far more perform!

Globe 4
All inspired by a variety of ‘horror’ connected themes! We move back to some quite saturated colours for these ones.

1. Dead Evil
Inspired by the original posters for Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead’ film.

two. Property of Hammers
Inspired by the poster art for a variety of low-rent Hammer horror films. This is an additional one particular I’m especially pleased with.

three. Toil and Difficulty
I went for deliberately clichéd ‘Halloween’ style colours for this one particular. Quite saturated and ‘in your face’ but I consider it performs.

four. Black Mass
Inspired by a variety of distinctive, far more modern day, horror film posters – as properly as the artwork for the ‘American Horror Story’ Television series (which I believed was terrible and in no way created it previous the very first series).

Globe 5
These have been mostly inspired by the manual artwork for early Atari arcade cabinets. I completely enjoy that stuff and it also adorns the walls of my studio (alongside the aforementioned Death Proof poster and paintings by Basquiat and Tapies).

1. Rayguns at Dawn
Inspired by the ‘Space Duel’ manual art.

two. Planet X
I neglect what inspired this especially (oops) but I’m quite positive it was the cover art for an additional vintage pulp sci-fi novel.

three. Gravity’s Rainbow
Inspired by the ‘Gravitar’ manual art. This is one particular of my favourite palettes in the game.

four. Prospero’s Cabinet
Inspired by the ‘Tempest’ manual art.

There’s nevertheless the bonus palettes to be finalised, I’ve completed fairly a handful of of them and there’s a lot of nods in there to 8bit residence computer systems and consoles. That’ll be the topic of an additional post although! Hopefully items will move a tiny faster more than the subsequent handful of weeks, subsequent process is to fill in a handful of gaps in the audio then do a quite substantially final teaser vid and get my Steam web page up (I possibly need to have completed the latter months ago).

Oh yeah, here’s that amazing early Atari art…

Dev Time: 10 days (quite broad estimate)!
Total Dev Time: approx 292 days


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