iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel four – Google did not see THIS coming?!


The final time we compared merchandise produced by Apple and Google, it was iPhone X vs Pixel two XL. At the time each had been my ideal Each day Driver combo but neither was ideal. One particular had the most futuristic design and style of the year, and filmed some fantastic video, the other had extra of a dated design and style, but the very best camera of the year, and was invaluable to me mainly because of Google Fi, which was nonetheless exclusive to Google Phones. 

And then items shifted in 2018. On a single hand Apple’s option to iterate was fully uninspired and conservative, and the Google Pixel three was a step in the correct path from a components viewpoint, and however a big step back when it came to design and style. I actually wanted to like them, but I honestly ended up ignoring them most of the time. 

This year the story is type of diverse. These are two phones competing in the similar category, with incredibly diverse approaches. On a single corner we have the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple’s most recent and greatest, what Apple calls, Pro cameras, Pro show, Pro functionality. On the other we have the Google Pixel four, what the firm just dubs – The Google Telephone, period. 

Suitable now each these phones claim to be the very best at some thing, but there’s actually only a single way to discover out if they definitely are. 

Apple and Google had a incredibly equivalent way to strategy the marketplace. Every single considers itself a computer software firm initial, so initially their merchandise had been developed as extra of a showcase that would blend into the background. That is NOT the case any extra. Every single firm has develop into extra unapologetic about aesthetics, and however, these phones could not be extra diverse. 


When staking them side by side, their footprint is incredibly equivalent. The Pixel is 3mm taller and a hair thicker, but then the iPhone is 2mm thicker and a whopping 26 grams heavier. Apple’s stainless steel is heavier than Google’s option for aluminum, but that is not the only factor at play right here. 

This is the initial time I ever evaluate an Android that is developed to compete with a precise iPhone, and does so with a smaller sized battery. Apple ultimately caved in on the thin-and-light soap opera and gave us a 13% bigger battery, now at three,046mAh, when Google shaved four% to a meager two,800mAh.

Can you inform? Nicely neither is developed to be a battery king, every barely ends the day on a charge, and however I do trust the iPhone to survive a tad longer than the Pixel. I actually do not know what Google was considering there. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

And let’s throw in the rest of the numbers considering that we’re currently right here. It is not actually worth it to evaluate RAM or processors, but it is significant to note that the 11 Pro is rocking Apple’s most recent and greatest chip, when Google is NOT rocking Qualcomm’s most sophisticated processor. Each get started at the similar quantity of storage, non expandable, but the iPhone can be bought for far extra than 128 gigs. Every single are IP68 rated, assistance wireless charging, incorporate 18W chargers in the box, assistance the most recent Bluetooth, even though only the iPhone supports the most recent Wi-Fi, and involves earbuds when you acquire, even though neither has a headphone jack, even if each have loud stereo speakers. 

And then there’s the story of their displays. Apple calls it a Super Retina XDR, and I’m just pleased Google ultimately produced this comparison fair. Each are OLED technologies, with Apple’s getting a hair bigger at five.eight-inches vs five.7, and with a meager additional pixel density at 458 vs 444 PPI. Apple also supports extra requirements like Dolby Vision and HDR10, but Google is no slouch. We have an often-on show that I discover extremely valuable, and 90Hz refresh price without the need of sacrificing brightness. To sum it up, each devices have fantastic displays, but I’m gonna have to give this a single to Apple, mostly mainly because of its crazy two million to 1 contrast ratio vs 100 thousand. Yes, you can entirely inform in the colors and detail, even if once more, the Pixel’s show is also fantastic in its personal way. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

This is Apple’s third year with Face ID on the notch, which is currently pretty established to operate properly. The Pixel decided to join with its personal Facial recognition assisted by a equivalent NIR flood emitter, dot projector, two NIR cameras and even a freaking radar, even though all so properly hidden that you can barely see it on the asymmetrical bezel. Each really feel just as speedy, and with a small tweaking in the settings you can set the Pixel to only show notifications on the lock screen when it detects your face, quite considerably like the iPhone. The big issue? Nicely only the iPhone has the selection to only operate when your eyes are open. The Pixel sadly can operate even with your eyes closed… so beware.

General, what can I say, Google came as a close second to each single hardware element. This is certainly Apple’s territory. 

Computer software

I under no circumstances like to make comparisons about iOS or Android, considering that every strategy is significantly diverse. I will not get in touch with a single much better than the other, but this is yet another situation exactly where the comparison is fair. If you obtain into an iPhone you get the most recent and greatest computer software for years, and the similar occurs with a Google Pixel. 

iOS 13 is Apple’s least inspired update ever. Positive you get a dark mode, ultimately, and you can now swipe on the keyboard, ultimately. And there are some minor improvements inside Apple apps, but there’s actually practically nothing specific about what you are obtaining. It is there for these of you hunting for simplicity, but that is about it. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

I do choose Google’s extra modular strategy to Android. Location your icons exactly where you want, location your widgets exactly where you want, have the Google feed to the left. I also choose the gestures, I discover it so considerably extra sensible to swipe from a side for back. Google’s strategy to Android just feels extra valuable and sensible. 

And do not even get me began about digital assistants. I’d say the Google Assistant would fire Siri as its assistant on day a single. There’s just no area for comparison in how far Google has come when compared to Siri.

Practical experience

One particular factor that is rather equivalent with every of these phones is the general encounter. Although a lot of makers go above and beyond with options and gimmicks that are cumbersome to use, Apple and Google really feel extra mature and simplistic. They really feel like tools in each day use that are sensible and speedy. Move about their launchers or launch your favourite game and every device feels like it can hold its personal. 

Telephone calls are excellent on each, and even if Google Fi is now supported by an iPhone, you can only get all the options on a Google Telephone. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4


But alright, let’s get to the meat of this comparison and ascertain which telephone has the very best camera. Apple has now joined the triple camera wagon, when Google is about 4 years late to dual cameras. Apple does not have to deal with the polarizing opinions among what secondary camera is much better, when Google got a lot of criticism more than going telephoto alternatively of wide. 

The cause why that does not make sense is mainly because you cannot use computer software to simulate a wide, and however Google has been killing it with their zoom compensation by means of computer software. Apple on the other hand, does have the versatility of 3 focal lengths, so it owns versatility. But in Google’s defense the loss of detail is noticeable when zooming beyond optical capabilities, when the Pixel does not even show you 2X in the view finder with the notion of just inviting you to preserve going, and it does provide much better zoom pictures by means of optics and computer software. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

This is extra noticeable in Low Light. Each devices have their personal evening mode, but the iPhone fully falls apart if you had to zoom on a city skyline, when the Pixel holds its personal to supply considerably extra detail. That stated, in Apple’s defense, when not zooming in, notice how the iPhone pulls out the skies with considerably significantly less grain than the Pixel. Apple’s evening mode appears to leap more than Google’s Evening Sight, but not in each situation as it does not operate with the wide angle. 

As for common pictures, A pixel is a pixel, but boy has Apple worked challenging on enhancing this. There are situations exactly where I notice much better dynamic variety from the iPhone, but the situations are uncommon. If something I’d say that Apple ultimately caught up to Google in this division.

As for portraits, It is challenging to get in touch with a winner. They each do skin tones actually properly, and they each struggle with hair to a particular degree. I choose the truth that Apple has extra modes and alternatives, and does not need you to step back like the Pixel four does now. Nonetheless, the Pixel offers me each shots for each portrait, exactly where with Apple it is all or practically nothing.

As for selfie portraits, I’m going to side with the iPhone. Each devices supply an insane quantity of detail, but the Pixel appears so sharpened at instances that I appear far older than I am in particular situations, when the iPhone achieves this without the need of overdoing skin tones. And however, if it had been up to me in low-light selfies and portraits, the Pixel wins provided its evening sight assistance. 

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

And as soon as we jump into video, I hate to break it to you, but the iPhone actually tends to make the Pixel appear undesirable, beginning with the capabilities. 4K at 60 from the key shooter vs 4K at 30, and only the iPhone has the capacity to modify camera modes when you film. Positive stabilization is excellent on each, but if I had been to show you these two low light videos, which had been recorded separately, and man, the Pixel just does not hold its personal. 

And the similar goes for selfie video exactly where the iPhone can go all the way to 4K at 60, with some decent stabilization, when the Pixel is nonetheless capped at 1080p, even with all the hardware capabilities. This just feels like such an unfair comparison. 


To conclude, let’s attempt to sum up which owns which. The iPhone owns Hardware, the Pixel owns computer software, when the encounter is a tie, and then photography is at instances owned by the iPhone, with the Pixel trailing close, and with video just tilting the scale fully towards Apple. 

The final time I did this comparison the Pixel two XL won by a extended shot, but it appears that Apple has caught up and won more than the final two generations. Of course, Apple has no excuse, even though, as the iPhone 11 Pro is $200 extra high-priced than the Pixel four. It should really be a much better telephone for its dramatic price tag distinction, regardless.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

If I had to choose a single, this is the initial time EVER, that I’d side on the iPhone provided my desires for video, but then once more my desires are not the ones of most shoppers. If I had to propose a single to you, I’d say the Pixel four is the much better telephone for everybody. Apple just shoots itself in the foot with that price tag, and the Pixel is significantly less high-priced, has an insane camera, and Google’s strategy to computer software is far extra full.

And I believe this would be the initial time I ever have a tie in a comparison exactly where every wins a diverse category. You get the point, I singled out which telephone is much better for what, and you will make a decision which a single is correct for you. 

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