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Osmos is pretty zen. It does not demand substantially from you. You are a mote of dust, or possibly some sort of organism — a single cell of bacteria. Fine. So you float about in this sort of plasma, or what ever, and glomp up smaller sized cells. You get larger with every cell you glomp. Survival of the fittest, and at pretty fundamental, practically non-violent level. A bloodless violence. I consume u. GLOMP.

And the factor is, that is fundamentally all you do. The colours are all blue and green and science-y, so you can picture it is all taking place in a test tube, or a slide below a microscope becoming observed by a lab-coated researcher. And you glomp, and glomp.

You can also propel your self swiftly towards prey or out of danger, by farting out matter behind you, but undertaking this tends to make you smaller sized. It puts you back in danger of becoming glomped. And that will not do at all, no no.

So you float about. Pretty much innocently. And then you glomp.


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