Day Zero – Game Jam Make


Day Zero is a charming and playful tiny experimental game exactly where you get started with absolutely nothing and try to develop/uncover several critical elements of life, the universe and almost everything.

Made for Ludum 45, in Day Zero you are primarily a God of a tiny 1-screen universe which you develop by experimenting and interacting with the unique on-screen objects. You get started with absolutely nothing, but as you progress you will develop your personal mini-universe exactly where you can develop and kill life at will.

It only requires a couple of minutes to play by means of Day Zero, but it is a superb tiny game with some outstanding animation, a exciting sense of humor and a wonderfully playful strategy to the gameplay. A superb tiny God sim complete of exciting tiny discoveries. Extremely advisable.

Verify Out a Gameplay Video Right here

Play Day Zero Right here (Browser)


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