Could Pokémon Featured In Nintendo’s Nostalgic Sword And Shield Ad Be Incorporated In The Galar Pokédex?


Nintendo has posted a 30-second teaser for the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield that capabilities a entire load of your favourite ‘mon from prior generations. We could describe it in detail, but it really is only 30 seconds – verify it out above.

Neat, huh? It really is good enjoyable to see all the retro pixel versions of Pokémon from several generations converging and we in particular love seeing all the old handheld hardware obtaining screen time ahead of morphing into Switches in preparation for the ‘new era’.

On the other hand, it also poses a query: are all the Pokémon shown in the ad going to seem in Pokémon Sword and Shield? Following the, err, mixed reaction to the news that the game would not incorporate the whole national Pokédex with Pocket Monsters from each and every single prior generation, one particular would assume that Nintendo knows superior than to tease Pokémon in a trailer that fans will not essentially be capable to catch in the game.

If that is the case, it really is time to get freeze-framing that trailer above! Right here are a handful of snaps to get you began:


Do you reckon we’ll be seeing all these ‘mons in Sword and Shield? Let us know your thoughts and which monsters you can discover in the comments section beneath.


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