Contact of Duty Contemporary Warfare Wants 150GB of Space


You could have began generating space for Contact of Duty Contemporary Warfare on your console’s difficult drive. But I wouldn’t be shocked if you have underestimated its size. There’s a image undertaking the rounds on Reddit, displaying the back of the case. And the tiny boxes at the bottom ask for 150GB of space. That is larger than Red Dead Redemption two!

And there’s only one particular disc – supposedly – which suggests the rest should be downloaded (either now or at a later date). Your bandwidth will be needing a medi-vac by the finish of it. 

It is not the 1st time we’ve reported that copies of the game can be discovered in the wild in spite of it not obtaining released officially. But it is the 1st time we’ve observed the blurb for ourselves. And there’s no questioning what is there in print. Sealed beneath the retail packaging. Accompanied by snapshots of the action. Having said that, the query should be asked – what has gone into this project to make it so hungry for gigabytes?

Fine, it could be explained in aspect by the PS4 Pro enhancements. Soon after all, these 4k textures come at a expense. But 150 gigabytes for what is generally a quick-to-typical length campaign? Some thing just does not add up. It is practically as huge as the Computer file!

Then there’s the likelihood that Activision are just generating us conscious of how substantially the complete point will require in months/years to come when all of its more content material has been produced out there. But I nevertheless cannot make the numbers perform, unless Infinity Ward have accomplished anything outstanding and provided us two games worth of content material in one particular. And a handful of expansions on top rated. Yeah, I doubt it either.

It is a good believed, although.

The only other explanation is that Contact of Duty Contemporary Warfare is a extremely polished game, complete of detailed assets, an expansive planet and a hearty narrative. As a outcome, the base requirement in memory is above typical as it is. And only inflated additional by more textures, which have been purposely enhanced for our ultra higher definition enjoyment.

We’ll know for specific in two days time, but I’m hoping for the latter.

Have you the space in your life for Contact of Duty Contemporary Warfare? Or is your console currently completely loaded?


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