Command & Conquer: Remastered lets you toggle new and old graphics at any time


The developers behind Command &amp Conquer: Remastered have been providing fans a slow drip of data because the project was announced final year, which includes glimpses of the new visuals, new UI, and the remixed soundtrack. But up till this point, we haven’t noticed any actual gameplay footage from this updated version of 1 of the finest classic Computer games. Lastly, that is changed.

You can verify out the footage for oneself on Reddit, but it is a familiar battle in between GDI and Nod forces that appears specifically as you’d hope. The further cool bit is that you can switch in between old and new graphics designs with a single button press for the duration of any campaign mission. That lets you love the chunky majesty of the 320×200 art or the clean, contemporary visuals at 4K anytime the mood strikes you.

The implementation also lets you zoom in and out utilizing the mouse wheel with either graphical style, which wasn’t probable in the original games. The remaster is nevertheless constructed with 2D sprites, as the studio explains in a new weblog post, which enables the true-time switch to perform as smoothly as it does.

If you are eager to see a lot more, there’s a bit of further comparison footage on the official web site.

The new art appears strong in motion – even even though my appreciate for pre-HD pixel art is eternal – and the true-time switch function is some thing every single remaster of this variety really should contain. The likes of Monkey Island HD and the Halo remaster are sadly as well uncommon.


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