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The subsequent game from Hacknet developer Matt Trobbiani – a rapid, entertaining, super tight multiplayer sports celebration game – announcing Wrestledunk Sports!

A pack of four sports – the minimalist fighting game style wrestling and fencing, and the strategic, technical ball sports Volleyball and Smashball. All packed up with super responsive controls, very best in class on the net multiplayer, and subsequent level polish. Get your Wrestledunk on!

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Announcing Wrestledunk Sports!

  • Super higher efficiency neighborhood and on the net play
  • Swap seamlessly involving four fascinating sports
  • Dozens of arenas per-sport, loads of fascinating environments
  • SFX and music by Chris Larkin (Hollow Knight) with added tracks by 2Mello
  • Supports any and all controllers that you can connect to it
  • Up to eight players!

Watch the announcement trailer!


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