BlizzCon 2019: six Mystery Panels Announced


Blizzard has revealed the schedule for BlizzCon 2019, and it incorporates six panels with as-but unannounced subjects on its principal stage.On Friday November 1, the BlizzCon opening ceremony will be followed by four back-to-back panels, marked only as “Coming Quickly!”. On Saturday November two, two much more “Coming Quickly!” panels are sandwiched involving updates for Planet of Warcraft and Overwatch.

Locate out a small much more about the nonetheless somewhat mysterious Warcraft three: Reforged in the video under:

Speculation’s currently rife as to what these panels could centre about. Warcraft three: Reforged appears a quite strong bet immediately after its announcement at final year’s show, and continual leaks appear to be pointing toward Diablo four ultimately producing an look. It would not be a surprise to see a new WoW expansion either.

A new Overwatch game of some sort has been rumoured for years at this point, with sources this year apparently pointing to a complete sequel. Other people would choose a single-player story game to complement the ongoing multiplayer practical experience.

Similarly, a Diablo two remaster has been talked about for some time, with job listings indicating the studio was interested in returning to the dungeon-crawling classic. These very same job listings also pointed to the now-official Warcraft three: Reforged, which at least points to Blizzard becoming content to take that strategy.

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four rumour, explained:

Nevertheless, these announcements almost certainly will not involve a StarCraft FPS, which was reportedly shelved earlier this year, or Warcraft 4, with Reforged being Blizzard’s priority right now.

BlizzCon 2019 takes place from November 1-2, and will include the Overwatch World Cup as part of its running order. It’ll be an interesting show for reasons other than announcements too – last year’s negative reaction to Diablo Immortal proved that fans won’t necessarily be wholly positive at the convention, and the recent controversy around Blizzard’s response to Hong Kong protests in its games could lead to an… interesting atmosphere.

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