These days We Discovered Influencer Sim Youtubers Life Has Created More than $12 Million in Income


Youtubers Life OMG PS4 PlayStation 4

Who’d have believed it? Youtubers Life, a fundamental but entertaining tycoon game about becoming a planet popular online star, is raking in the money. Possessing sold much more than a million copies across platforms – such as Youtubers Life OMG on PlayStation four – the indie title has produced much more than $12 million in income, developer U-Play On the web is content to report. These are some impressive figures for a game that is seemingly flown beneath the radar.

Aligning nicely with this news, a new update has been announced, adding an additional profession path to the game for absolutely free. Come the 7th November, you are going to be in a position to choose Style as your channel speciality in addition to the established 3 (gaming, cooking, and music).

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