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It is been a hot minute considering the fact that we’ve noticed Obsidian do something other than an isometric styled RPG, harkening back to their Black Isle Studios days, but their back and jettisoning off into the deep reaches of space with The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Cost: $60
Platform: Computer, PS4, and Xbox One particular
MonsterVine was supplied with a PS4 code for assessment

Let’s get the quick comparisons out of the way: if you have been going into The Outer Worlds expecting it to be “Fallout New Vegas in Space” then you will be content to know it is nearly specifically that to a fault. From the moment you take handle, the game just feels like a Fallout game and every thing from the way characters animate to how you interact with objects is extremely reminiscent of that series. Hell, it is even got its personal version of VATS that functions nearly specifically like VATS. As dismissive as it might be, it is pretty clear Obsidian wanted to make a different game in the vein of Fallout and decided to stick with what they know. But that is not to say it is a poor point fairly the opposite with The Outer Worlds applying what Obsidian discovered in the improvement of New Vegas and carving its personal path.


Upon beginning the game you are awakened out of cryo-sleep by an eccentric scientist who finds your colony ship that is been drifting in space for decades with everybody onboard asleep. Right after reviving you, you are tasked with assisting him in saving everybody else on the ship and you are swiftly dumped on a backwater planet with its personal host of issues you will want to resolve. The plot itself requires a bit to get going, and although it by no means evolves into something of significant depth, the journey there is steeped in humorous moments you will not be most likely to neglect anytime quickly with that trademark rapid-witted writing you anticipate of Obsidian. The game requires existing-day anti-capitalist ideologies and turns the dial to 11 as it locations you in a planet that is oozing with capitalist satire. You will encounter denizens all through the game’s a variety of worlds that can not cease preaching the excellent word for the corporation that is generating their life a literal hell, and other people who are hellbent on tearing the complete method down. It is all pretty heavy-handed but the game has so significantly earnest charm to it that it functions.

I hate to hold the Fallout comparisons going but it definitely is the ideal way to describe how this game plays. When you begin the game you will invest points in a wide variety of capabilities you will most likely be familiar with like hacking, persuasion, and handguns there are even perks to unlock that grant additional bonuses to your character. The combat itself just feels like a far more refined version of Fallout’s and it even has a time-slowing mechanic related to VATS that even lets you paint limbs on a target to see what effects you will get from targeting them like cripple or blind.

Exactly where The Outer Worlds stands out, on the other hand, is in the quick weirdness of its planet, the heavier emphasis on RPG mechanics, and a slightly deeper companion method. Taking location in the far-flung future of 2355 you’d anticipate the arsenal you choose up in the game to be fairly varied and you’d be suitable. In addition to the common collection of ballistic guns, you will also obtain some that shoot a wide variety of elemental harm like plasma, acid, shock, and radiation. You will also obtain weirder issues like a shrink ray which by no means stops becoming entertaining to use. Shooting also feels excellent which is not some thing you could ever definitely say for a Fallout game receiving up close and blasting an enemy with a shotgun is endlessly entertaining and firing off a rapid shooter constantly tends to make you really feel like a space cowboy. I was by no means as well hot on the melee weapons in Fallout games, but The Outer Worlds definitely sold me on beginning a melee-focused playthrough. Giant hammers and even scythes make the rounds right here with a collection of armaments that, although functionally all largely behave the very same, all appear and really feel entertaining to use. Acquiring a plasma cutter for the initial time just elicits an quick giddiness to want to test it out on the subsequent enemy you see. Your weapons and armor can all also be upgraded with a wide variety of mods that you will obtain all through the planet. Some give added stat bonuses although other people can give your fundamental shotgun an elemental kick.


As previously talked about, The Outer Worlds options a mechanic known as Tactical Time Dilation which is essentially their version of Fallout’s VATS method. Tapping a button will slow time down to a crawl, enabling you to very carefully choose your shots with the most important distinction in this game becoming that you nevertheless have to manually aim your shots. Although in this mode, highlighting an enemy will pop up a fairly nifty information-bubble that facts a wide variety of information and facts such as their level, overall health, a brief bio, and even some weaknesses. Just as with New Vegas, Obsidian set themselves apart by focusing on a purer RPG practical experience. You have got more than a dozen stats to dump points into and leveling every single of these up will achieve you bonus perks on leading of the ones you are currently acquiring in the perk tree. Rising your intimidation stat, for instance, could lead to a tiny likelihood of an enemy operating off in worry if you kill their pal in front of them, with that likelihood escalating the far more points you place into that ability. Your likelihood at succeeding in a conversation can also reside or die with how higher you have elevated a certain stat, but you could offset this by buffing oneself with things and equipping the suitable guy. A specifically fascinating new mechanic is the capacity for your character to obtain flaws as you play. If you are repeatedly attacked by a particular kind of enemy the game will provide you the chance to take a adverse trait in exchange for a cost-free perk point. One particular of these could be a -1 to all character traits for receiving caught a variety of instances in restricted places. It is an fascinating mechanic that lets you additional customize and flavor your character in a way I haven’t noticed prior to.

In some regards, The Outer Worlds is relatively simplified in a handful of strategies, on the other hand. There are only 3 ammo sorts for instance (light, heavy, and power) which in a way forces you to only equip a single of every single gun plus a melee weapon. You do not want to definitely have a sniper rifle equipped and a heavy assault rifle out of worry of applying up all your heavy ammo and obtaining none left for your sniper. The worlds themselves are also a lot smaller sized than you’d usually anticipate, but that is most likely due to this becoming a reduce price range game. Every planet has a tiny map you are capable to freely discover, but you could conveniently run from a single finish to the other in no time without having significantly concern. I’d be a bit far more upset about this if the worlds themselves weren’t so wildly varied, and teeming with weird aliens that want to make a meal out of you.

The companions themselves have a bit far more to them than prior to. Although you will nevertheless gather a cast of colorful scoundrels from about the galaxy who can take residence on your ship, there’s a bit far more RPG flavor to them this time about. The numbers game is king right here as every single companion has their personal set of stats and bonuses to be conscious of, obtaining a certain character could increase your hacking ability by ten points by obtaining him in your celebration for instance, and you want to make certain you are equipping them with gear suitable to their strengths. Companions can level up just like you and you can invest in a series of perks, that although neat that it is there, the sorts of perks for the companions leave a bit to be preferred considering the fact that they’re relatively generic for the most component, as opposed to the player’s perk sheet. Every companion also options their personal fashionable capacity, such as Parvati’s slam attack, that can deal some substantial harm to foes. What’s conveniently the most fascinating mechanic with companions on the other hand is how they can interrupt conversations with their personal opinion on a scenario, potentially blowing a conversation if they do not like the way issues have been going. It is some thing that tends to make you definitely believe about who you bring to your celebration and exactly where you take them, as you do not specifically want to bring the far more “holier than thou” characters with you if you are about to partake in some nefarious deeds.


This becoming an Obsidian game, I came into it expecting the usual Obsidian jank that is constantly plagued their games but was pleasantly shocked to see the game operating relatively smoothly. I’ve dumped hours into the game and have but to come across any sort of substantial bug apart from a comical physics glitch when I’d kill an enemy and their physique would go hurtling into the stratosphere. The UI itself on the other hand is a significant concern, with the game suffering from some seriously tiny text and a clunky menu. I’m playing a comparatively huge Television, and I’m nevertheless obtaining to squint to make out specific words or symbols on-screen. There are weapons in the game that have a “pristine” status which means they have greater than standard durability and these are signified with a diamond symbol when examining them the diamond is so tiny on the other hand that I couldn’t even inform it was a diamond the initial handful of instances I saw the icon. I honestly can not picture playing this game on a medium, or god forbid tiny Television screen unless you have some binoculars prepared. The UI itself just tends to make matters in the menu worse with an extremely clunky method that tends to make you needlessly take additional methods to do easy actions. Pressing the equip button on a weapon will only ever swap out the initial weapon on your weapon slot. If you want it to replace your second, third, or fourth gun you will want to open up a separate radial menu, highlight the “swap” solution which will then open up a second radial menu, and then choose which at the moment equipped weapon you want this a single to replace. Buying in vendors is produced worse by the truth that you can not conveniently, and quickly examine the stats in between your equipped gear and the things you want to acquire some thing that is, to me, conveniently a single of the most grievous blunders you could make in an RPG. Now although these of course are not significant affronts, merely annoyances, they nevertheless sour what’s an all round exceptional practical experience.

The Final Word
The Outer Worlds is not reinventing the RPG wheel right here, but it is an extremely entertaining planet to discover and sink numerous hours into.

– MonsterVine Evaluation Score: five out of five – Fantastic

The Outer Worlds Evaluation – Out of This Globe


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