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Think it or not, Tangle Tower is truly the third title in a series of quaint, kooky mystery games. Back in 2014, Detective Grimoire released on mobile devices, which is itself a sequel of a flash game of the similar name. But if you are worried about missing out on crucial info ahead of beginning Tangle Tower, then do not fret, as you can jump suitable into the story with no prior information of the protagonists or preceding plotlines. And you ought to jump in, also, since Tangle Tower is an exceptional point-and-click adventure that boasts delightful puzzles with remarkably humourous dialogue and voice acting.

From the studio that introduced the brilliant Snipperclips! to the globe, Tangle Tower stars Detectives Grimoire and Sally as they enter the titular tower to resolve the mysterious murder of 1 Freya Fellow. Suitable from the begin, Grimoire and Sally bounce off 1 an additional wonderfully nicely, with Grimoire’s playful banter a very good contrast to Sally’s far more deadpan, sarcastic nature. No matter who you speak to, or which objects you pick out to investigate, you can be confident you will get a handful of laughs out of their interactions all through the game.

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Beginning outdoors Tangle Tower, you are absolutely free to move from 1 place to the subsequent with tiny restriction, but it is constantly smart to completely investigate the space or region ahead of moving ahead, as it can be pretty quick to miss vital clues. Utilising either the touch screen in handheld mode (which, in our opinion, is the most effective way to play this game), or the Joy-Con’s motion controls in docked mode, you can take a closer appear at quite a great deal something of interest inside Tangle Tower, irrespective of whether it is an obscure statue, a pot of paints, a bedside table, or a musical instrument. Most things just trigger dialogue in between Grimoire and Sally, but there are some that will call for closer inspection, and it is right here that the game’s puzzles come into play.

The puzzles in Tangle Tower are exceptional. They’re not pretty as head-scratching as some of the brainteasers in, say, a Professor Layton title, but they’re complex sufficient to preserve you busy for a very good handful of minutes. They’re remarkably original, also there’s 1 puzzle that will call for you to move a set of 4 magnifying glasses in order to make the shape of a crucial from a set of seemingly random shapes, and an additional that asks you to rotate a miniature solar method in order to match up the shadows cast by the planets to the lines marked on a wooden board. They all make fantastic use of the Switch’s touch screen, and if you occur to get stumped at any point, Grimoire and Sally will verbally muse more than the puzzle, typically providing you, the player, invaluable hints to proceed. The only challenge is that after you are accomplished with the game, there’s tiny explanation to go back.

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Of course, you can not resolve a murder mystery with no interviewing witnesses and/or suspects. It is right here exactly where Tangle Tower genuinely shines, but also exactly where it falls down ever so slightly. The interactions in between the detectives and inhabitants of Tangle Tower are genuinely hilarious, and the characters all have brilliant, exceptional personalities brought to life by excellent voiceover operate. Sadly, although, the interactions can drag on just after a when, and the far more clues you uncover, the far more possible avenues of interrogation you can discover – it is impressive just how in-depth it gets, but it would have been a bit far better if it had been streamlined down a bit.

Sometimes, the interactions will also trigger an additional puzzle to resolve primarily based on the info offered to you by the characters. These take the shape of statements, with missing words or phrases that you will require to fill with the choice offered to you at the time. We genuinely enjoyed these puzzles, as it calls for you to feel back on preceding conversations in order to place collectively the most logical statement doable. There’s also possible to string collectively some downright ridiculous sentences, which is constantly fantastic enjoyable.

If you have played the preceding titles in the series, you will notice straight away that Tangle Tower appears undeniably far more graphically impressive than its older siblings. The character style is exceptional, and the handcrafted environments are complete of charm, with every single space inside Tangle Tower fully distinct from the other folks. The animation is also quite fantastic, despite the fact that admittedly only restricted to the characters themselves. It would have been good to see some animation in the atmosphere, like leaves blowing in the wind, or pond water rippling, but we’re clutching at straws right here. The soundtrack is similarly impressive and complements the exceptional voiceover operate wonderfully. The music somehow manages to sound each uplifting and mysterious, and despite the fact that it repeats some tracks pretty a lot, we in no way felt ourselves receiving fatigued by them.


Tangle Tower is an exemplary addition to the point-and-click genre, supplying excellent puzzles and extremely nicely written dialogue, backed up by some of the finest voiceover operate in current memory. A handful of of the character interactions may possibly drag on a bit also extended in areas as you attempt and uncover every single piece of proof offered to you, and there’s tiny explanation to play by way of the game numerous occasions. But to be truthful, these are extremely minor gripes thinking about just how a great deal enjoyable we had in the corporation of Detectives Grimoire and Sally.


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